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Pharmacie de la Mare au clerc | Pharmacie le Havre, vente materiel medical, produit incontinence, orthopédie - Installée au Havre, la pharmacie de la Mare au Clerc propose la vente de materiel medical, chaussures de confort, produits incontinence, hygiène et beauté.

Country:, Europe, FR

City: 2.3292 Paris, France

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    I put it on for over an hour before I was getting tattooed. I put the plastic wrap on it and after 1.5 hrs, we took it off, wiped it off, and got to work. It absorbed more in some places than in some, but there wasn't any noticeable pain for a good hour at least. Definitely helped me out!

  • Bonnie - No Problems!

    No problems dealing with the vendor...order arrived on time! Have used this vendor before and will plan on using in future also.