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Home - PGL Training - Plumbing Training Courses, Electrical Training, Construction Courses, Carpentry Training or Gas and Oil Training? PGL TRAINING offers a wide range of training courses and apprenticeship training courses

  • About - PGL Training - PGL Training is a professional training company offering a comprehensive range of courses, we require all our lecturers to have extensive practical experience and expertise in the subjects that they provide the training in, naturally, they are all experienced lecturers.
  • Term Dates - PGL Training - PGL Training Term Dates - Apprentices should attend their normal place of work during PGL holiday closures.
  • Meet Our Team - PGL Training - Meet Our Team - Andy White Managing Director - Anita Butt Curriculum Manager/ Safeguarding Manager
  • Introducing Traineeships - PGL Training - What is a Traineeship?Traineeships prepare young people for their future careers by helping them to become ‘work ready’.
  • Traineeships - A Fact Sheet for Employers - PGL Training - What is a traineeship?A traineeship is an education and training programme with work experience that unlocks the great potential of young people and prepares them for their future careers by helping them to become ‘work ready’.
  • Open Days - PGL Training - We run a number of Open Days and Evenings throughout the year, check here for dates and times
  • 19+ Advanced Learning Loans - PGL Training - Are you 24 or over and thinking of starting a College course? If you answered yes, did you know you can get a loan to help fund your studies?
  • Terms and Conditions - PGL Training - PGL Training Terms and Conditions - The terms and conditions below apply to all fee-paying customers. The terms andconditions will vary for candidates on funded courses and those being financed by 24+Advanced Learning Loans.

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  • Logan - Great starter deck for anyone just getting into magic such ...

    Great starter deck for anyone just getting into magic such as myself. Also great if you want a peek into this world without spending a lot of money. Other reviews cover what comes in this set so I won't get into detail there. Let me just say, if you know some one that is playing magic, they probably won't want this. Get them the booster packs instead. This is more for people just getting into the game.

  • cari - I'm pretty happy.

    This product really surprised me , I wasn't expecting much for the price. It does everything it said it would, and sounds pretty good. I like the fact that you can choose from any station on the radio, it helps when you do a lot of traveling. If you're looking for a Bluetooth Telephone for your vehicle this is perfect, the music is just ok Kama just good enough to listen to. I would buy it again.

  • Cynthia Foster, MD - Worked great, then broke after 3 months, can't return

    Loved it when I first received it. It's lightweight and easy to use. The red color is nice. The detachable steamer with different attachments was great, and I used it to steam my couch, pillows and upholstered chairs. The microfiber pads are ok, and they did a passable job on my kitchen floor. The carpet glide attachment allowed me to steam my carpeting as well, which was very convenient (that I could do all of these things with 1 machine). Unfortunately, it broke within 3 months, and it no longer steams. It just spits out cold water now which makes it useless. I expected more considering the price of over $100. It helped defeat a biting mite infestation, for which I'm very grateful. My return window was March 6 (2 months after purchase) with Amazon, so I can't return it to Amazon. Hundred dollars down the drain. Wish I would have bought it from QVC- I heard they are very helpful when the product is defective - I think they send you a refurbished one if yours breaks. After talking to Haan customer service, they told me they would send a replacement cap. I don't even think this was the problem. I had another Haan - different model and using the cap from my working Haan did not fix the problem. To add insult to injury, it's been over 1 month since they said they would send the replacement cap and I have not received anything in the mail. They've told me I must pay the shipping to return the unit. Wish I would've known, I would have kept the box. What a PIA.