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The Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation - PFSFThe Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation | Dedicated to supporting research and finding treatments for PFS patients worldwide. - The Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation is dedicated to funding research into the underlying biologic mechanisms and potential treatments for persistent finasteride side effects.

  • About the Post-Finasteride Syndrome FoundationThe Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation - The Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation is a patient organization dedicated to research into Post-Finasteride Syndrome.
  • PFS Clinical Studies Recruiting PatientsThe Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation - Post-finasteride syndrome research initiatives at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Baylor College of Medicine are recruiting patients for PFS studies.
  • Published Research - The Post-Finasteride Syndrome FoundationThe Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation - Published research regarding the Post Finasteride Syndrome and peristent 5AR inhibitor induced side effects (Propecia, Proscar, Dutateride)
  • Donate Towards PFS ResearchThe Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation - Donate to the Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation. Your financial contribution will be put towards current and future research initiatives.
  • Post-Finasteride Syndrome Media Awareness and NewsThe Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation - Post Finasteride Syndrome Foundation news and media coverage related to persistent finasteride side effects.
  • Post-Finasteride Syndrome Patient RessourcesThe Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation - Resources for patients affected by persistent finasteride (Propecia, Proscar) side effects.
  • Contact the Post-Finasteride Syndrome FoundationThe Post-Finasteride Syndrome Foundation - If you wish to contact the Post-Finasteride Foundation, please use the contact form.

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  • Upgrade Taos Computers - Great server product but only if needing a limited capacity domain.

    Not too impressed with the domain only aspect of this software. There is really no reason for that for such a price.

  • Debbie L. Dragon - Quickbooks

    This Value was extremely discounted which I appreciate - because I worked with a client trying to find each one of the software separately - so this combination was perfectly priced.

  • David Price - Be Warned

    Their entire business model is based on revenues from Shipping and Processing that is NOT refundable. They charge $29.95 S&P for EACH unit even though they come together in one box that costs just over $6 to ship anywhere in the USA. If you go to you will see these units available in quantities of 1000 at a price of between $15 to $20. That means they are raking it in and the S&P is actually more than the cost of the unit itself. Buyer Beware!!! They got me!

  • Tirdad Derakhshani - A creepy girl and her Planchette

    Who knew a board game with such an affirmative name could lead to so much pain, anguish, death, and damnation?