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Preferred Family Healthcare | Welcome to PFH - PFH is a comprehensive behavioral health non-profit organization. We provide substance abuse treatment, prevention, and mental health services.

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  • Executive Leadership | Preferred Family Healthcare - Our leaders have decades of experience and are passionate about helping those struggling with alcohol and drug abuse.

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  • Janet B. Luttrell - User manual

    Second time I have posted that I did not receive the user manual in my package and I need it to use the essential diffuser. May I get an answere? Thanks

  • soaringshrimp - I have always loved the scent

    Mmmm, what a lovely frankincense. If you don't know the smell, its deep, woody, and will likely smell familiar the second you open the bottle. I have always loved the scent, regardless of its properties. Its relaxing and I'll even wear a few drops on my wrist and behind my ears. Its something of a natural perfume, especially when you blend it with other essential oils. Its actually pretty fun to experiment!

  • Ruff - Navage cured the problem, not just the symptoms.

    I had a several month long sinus infection with soreness and blockage that wouldn't go away. I got a little relief from Vicks and nasal sprays but they weren't curing anything, just treating the symptoms. The soreness would sometimes move from side to side just to annoy me more. I saw a late night commercial about the Navage and it looked like it would work. Everyone around me was fighting off a flu like virus so I had to do something to keep this infection from causing bigger problems.

  • Theresa - I love OUIJA

    I absolutely love this board and pointer!! The product is exactly what I expected. The only thing I would say is Hasbro needs to please change the Texture of he board. The pointer will not glide smoothly enough it has some rough areas needs a mod for the board somehow! Other then that love it!!

  • Anton - Overhyped

    This game is not that great. There are less than 10 multiplayer maps. The maps are not well thought out and they are not that big. There is only one item in each battle pack and there is no longer attachments in the battle packs. All the guns come with free selection of the attachments. All you can get are skins and XP. It takes so long to level up. If you get like 8k-10k XP in one match you only gain half a level and that match took a half an hour. If you pay for 5 hours at one time you could gain a few levels only and that takes way too long. The single player stories are limited in that there is not much to do. All you do is follow a path, kill some people, and that is it. It follows the same mechanic as the other battlefield games, which is boring

  • Nancy Lindbeck - Sage 50 accounting

    We are a long time customer of Peachtree (now Sage 50) They have dropped payables bill pay and changed the payroll company to BenefitMall. The support has gone so downhill we are going to change companies. Today it was our payroll again. After nearly an hour on hold I was told "it should work". New low for them. More cost, less service seems to be their new attitude. I encourage you to visit their "chat line" before you purchase from them.