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  • Darla - THE BEST!!!

    I recently started using this and I have to say it is the best mosturizer I have ever used. It does not, I repeat does not leave a heavy greasy feeling on you face. Your skin can breath. When you touch your face or someone else touches all they can feel is softness. A little goes a long way. This jar will last for a long time. I would highly recommend this product.

  • Ryan - Was this even tested?

    I bought received my Evolution kit about 2 weeks after it was released. I have used it patiently, without complaining about flaws or issues while waiting for the next software update on my TV (7500). Well, the update came and it's been about a week or so and no improvement, so here is what I've noticed.

  • Alma - Great book

    I had to purchase this book for my computer class, it's a good book. I decided to keep it for future reference instead of selling it for small profit or to get money back.

  • P Rogers - Pirate Copy

    The seller sold a pirate copy in which the product key was blocked by Microsoft a day before the sale. He then sent me another product key (red flag here, he must be cranking them out) that was again blocked by Microsoft. I'm sure the seller is no where to be found. Thank goodness I bought through Amazon for their buyer protection policy.

  • Chris - Interesting Cast, Horrendous Writing

    Billy Bob Thorton is great! Always watchable, inhabits his roles in a way that make his performances a perpetual high note. But, wow, the writing both plot and dialogue is not great, not great at all. It's distractingly bad. This seems to be the Amazon MO right now, fun ideas, great casting, bargain basement writing.

  • Amazon Customer - Great drip pans and a great price

    I have a 10-year-old Kenmore stove and these fit perfectly! I did measure before I ordered, but I was still a little concerned based on the other reviews. So glad I went ahead and ordered- they are perfect and my stove looks great!