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  • Amazon Customer - Best card program I have used

    Love this program.Easy to use and lots of good features. The best one I have found out in the market.

  • love2read - Recommend This

    Bought this for my daughter for part of her Christmas to go with her new computer. We use McAfee all the time. It's a great anti-virus system. Highly recommend!!!

  • Rowena Patton - I thought the flavor was great, and it 'feels' cleansing when drinking it/

    I had my first one today and mixed it with soda water and ice. I thought the flavor was great, and it 'feels' cleansing when drinking it/

  • Yogi T - It works!

    I have been using CB-1 weight gainer for almost a month and I have gained 4 lbs, I am very satisfied with this product, will definitely order again

  • Amazon Customer - Great convertible carseat

    After much research we decided to purchase this convertible car seat for our 1 year old. My husband installed it and it fits nicely in our SUV even when backwards facing. I love the cool grey color versus the traditional black as it seems to get less hot. Our daughter fits snuggly and comfortably in her seat. At first, she was not used to how the headpiece obstructs her peripheral view, but quickly adjusted and I found that she sleeps move comfortably with this in the carseat. The safety latch can be difficult to click which can be annoying but also find it to be a better indicator that the harness/seatbelt will keep her in place. I like that it has a convenient cupholder built in.

  • Frank Lotion - Best of luck to you guys

    Not sure if this was solely the reasons why I passed as I incorporated other methods into detoxing my hair. I'm an infrequent user probably having smoked about 10-15 times in a 90 day window. I split the treatments up over 2 days, the day before my test and the day of. I also used the macujo method as well so I wouldn't solely rely on this as the only way to pass. Best of luck to you guys.

  • R. Boyle - Great Show! I Was There!!!!!!

    This captures the essence of a great night. There were so many highlights it's hard to know where to start. The Joe Walsh Special guest apperance is great & the Lukather/Rolie combination on the Santana songs are fantastic. Ringo is the ultimate host & the ending with all the Special Guests is EPIC! It was great to see Luke & Vince Gill having a BLAST at the end. Luke was all smiles the entire night. It was also cool being there seeing a wide variety of people enjoying themselves at the show. It was an AMAZING night as it was Ringo's 72nd Birthday at the Historic Ryman.