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  • Contact Perdue & Kidd | Perdue & Kidd - Are you in need of an experienced personal injury attorney? With over 100 years of combined experience, contact Perdue & Kidd today!
  • Jim M. Perdue Jr. | Perdue & Kidd - With a long list of multi-million dollar verdicts, Jim M. Perdue Jr. has the trial experience you need to get the compensation you deserve. Call today!
  • Donald H. Kidd | Perdue & Kidd - With over 20 years of experience, Donald H. Kidd is dedicated to providing the best legal defense for his clients. Call Perdue & Kidd today!
  • Richard Fass | Perdue & Kidd - If you or a loved one is looking for an experienced personal injury attorney with over 20 years of experience, call Richard Fass with Perdue & Kidd today!
  • Brian Winegar | Perdue & Kidd - If you are seeking the legal representation in your personal injury case, call Brian Winegar with Perdue & Kidd. Call us today to discuss your case!
  • Jim M. Perdue Sr. | Perdue & Kidd - Jim M. Perdue Sr. has been serving the people of Texas for 5 decades. If you need legal representation, call Perdue & Kidd today!
  • Granuflo | Perdue & Kidd - If you or a loved one has been harmed from the use of GranuFlo & NaturaLyte, call the attorney's with Perdue & Kidd today. Let us fight for you!
  • Lipitor | Perdue & Kidd - Have you or a loved one taken Lipitor and developed serious health complications? Perdue & Kidd has experienced attorneys will represent you in court.
  • Low-T | Perdue & Kidd - Have undergone Low-T treatments and experienced serious or life-threatening complications? You may be entitled to compensation. Call Perdue & Kidd today!
  • Prescription Drug Birth Defects | Perdue & Kidd - Hold the drug company responsible for your suffering! The lawyers of Perdue & Kidd are skilled and capable of pursuing full compensation for your loss.
  • Risperdal | Perdue & Kidd - If you have taken Risperdal and developed gynecomastia, contact the lawyers of Perdue & Kidd. We will ensure your rights are respected. Call us today!
  • Xarelto | Perdue & Kidd - If you've suffered complications from taking Xarelto, call Perdue & Kidd. We bring more than 100 years of combined experience to help our clients. Call now!
  • Metal Hip Implants | Perdue & Kidd - If you or a loved one has been injured by a metal hip implant, Perdue & Kidd will take action to get the compensation you deserve. Call us today!
  • Power Morcellators | Perdue & Kidd - If you or a loved one has experienced difficulties with power morcellators, call Perdue & Kidd for your free consultation. Attorneys are standing by.
  • Stryker Spine Plate | Perdue & Kidd - If you or someone you know has been implanted with and injured by the Stryker spine plate, the skilled lawyers of Perdue & Kidd can help you. Call now!
  • Transvaginal Mesh | Perdue & Kidd - Injured by transvaginal mesh? The attorneys at law firm of Perdue & Kidd are committed to helping injured women pursue the compensation they deserve.
  • Offshore Injuries | Perdue & Kidd - If you or a loved one has been in injured or killed in an offshore accident, call Perdue & Kidd as soon as possible to discuss your case with no obligation.
  • Oilfield Injuries | Perdue & Kidd - Oilfield injuries can be devastating. It is imperative to get an attorney who knows the law. Call Perdue & Kidd today to discuss your case. We can help you!
  • Plant and Refinery Explosion | Perdue & Kidd - Were you involved in a plant and refinery explosion? Perdue & Kidd has the experience, legal knowledge and technical resources to get you the help you need.
  • Takata Airbag Recall | Perdue & Kidd - Has the Takata airbag recall effected you? The experienced product liability lawyers of Perdue & Kidd are now handling Takata airbag lawsuits. Call today!
  • Trucking Accidents | Perdue & Kidd - Were you injured in a trucking accident? Perdue & Kidd has successfully resolved many commercial truck accident claims in favor of injury victims. Call now!
  • Wrongful Death | Perdue & Kidd - After the wrongful death of a loved one, thinking about your future can be difficult and painful. Let us fight for your family. Call Perdue & Kidd today!

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  • E. Hernquist - Learn something new in minutes

    Excellent book. Each story is just a couple of pages long, so you learn something new and interesting every 5 minutes. Not to be crass, but it's perfect for the bathroom. If you aren't into that, it's great light reading for any occasion.

  • Hugo - Its nice just wish it had 3.0 usb ports and also power cable SUCKS always falls easy way too easily others 5 stars

    I would give this a 5 star if it had an USB 3.0 port and also if the connection to the power source wasn't so easily disconnected honestly any small force take it off to easily and you could be charging your phone without knowing the ports aren't even powered. They shouldnt made a different port for the power thats the main problem otherwise it'd be a 5 star

  • Bud Miller - Just like 2011, but quirkier

    I've been using Quicken H&B since 2010 when I got forced off of Microsoft Money. I recently upgraded from 2011 to 2014 when I moved to a new computer, as I couldn't find my 2011 disk. I've always found it to be adequate but kind of quixotic and buggy. The 2014 version is no different. The biggest problems I've had so far are: