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  • Penryn Surgery - Practice policies on confidentiality, comments and suggestions, data protection etc - Penryn Surgery - Practice policies on confidentiality, comments and suggestions, data protection etc
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  • Kindle Customer - great help with reviewing

    Great price and received quickly. Easy book to take with you and study when you have the chance. Should really help get higher score on PCAT.

  • M. Orgolini - Changed my Life

    The Body Ecology Diet changed my life! It is a new way of combining and cooking foods that my body loves. No more sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol . . . would seem to be a difficult thing to accomplish. I am amazed by the wonderful new receipes I have learned from this book. My whole approach to cooking has changed. I can now savor the taste and smell of the vegetables and find carrots to be wonderfully sweet. My sweet tooth is now satisfyed with vegetables. I never would have believed that my cooking would look so beautiful as a result of all the bright veggies I use in my meals. I had never even heard of raw fermented veggies until I started this book. Now, I can't imagine not enjoying them everyday. You will never be sorry for reading this excellent book. I can honestly say that I will be on this course of wholesome fresh food for the rest of my life.

  • Corrado - Quick growing seeds!

    It only took less than 2 weeks to sprout and they are growing fast and healthy where other grass just couldn't survive. love it!

  • J. Kreider - Somewhat helpful, but not worth the $200 investment

    I have a 45 minute drive each way for nursing school every day. I wanted to use that time productively by reviewing NCLEX questions on the trip. I thought this set would be perfect but was immediately disappointed when it arrived. There is no content information regarding the subject on each disk. It's hit or miss with 12 disks, so when you play them you will need to write up your own content list. Really, how tough would that have been to provide. Secondly, questions are answered in a multiple choice format, which the speaker tells you to take notes on. Hey, I'm driving?! So I remembered the letter of my choice of answers and listened for the correct answer. You get rationale, but other than the first section, they don't tell you the letter of the correct answer. It would have been nice if they told you the letter, followed by the correct statement..THEN gave you the rationale. I have programs for NCLEX for my home computer. I really needed something that would aid me when I wasn't sitting at a disk. Finally, the audio quality varied quite a bit from really good, to sounding like the speaker was in a box. When they transitioned from one narrator to another, it was abrupt. At least I kept awake while driving. I could live with this, though $200 was twice what the set was worth..UNTIL...disk three was defective and an entire section wouldn't play. At that point I sent it back and got a replacement. I never got further on the disk so I don't know if the rest of the 12 disk set worked well. Amazon was awesome in sending me my replacement immediately. I would have considered a refund, but I still need an audio set and this appears to be the only one out there that is current.

  • cape cod irene - Word 2013 is awful - and Microsoft tech support is worse

    I maintain a mailing list for a nonprofit; several times a year I need to send either email or snail mail to our members. A snap to do on my 10-year-old Dell, which I foolishly gave up to buy a Dell Inspiron loaded with Office 2013. Was unable to set up mailing labels for those members who do not have email. Dell tech people, with one exception, were unable to solve problem and passed the buck to Microsoft (after spending approx. 15 hours on phone with them). Microsoft tech people, again with one exception, were worse than Dell's. Finally was told that Word 2013 home and student version cannot do labels (again after approx. 10 hours on phone) and that I would have to buy more software. How stupid does Microsoft think its customers are. Of course, the home and student version can do labels. It took my techie daughter less than 15 minutes to figure it out.

  • ProudMomof1 - Great toy for my son!

    My son just turned 1 and I ordered this for him a sa gift hoping he would like it. Well he LOVED it. He was amazed by all the sounds and features it offered

  • J. Thomas - Knees and Joints Ache??? This'll help...

    Great product that has done wonders for my knees. With three ACL repairs and one partial replacement on two knees...pain and snap-crackle-pop was an every day occurrence.