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Pediatrician New York and Brooklyn, NY - Pediatric Associates of NYC, PC - Pediatrics for Family Health - New York and Brooklyn, NY Pediatrician & family doctor, Pediatric Associates of NYC, PC specializes in pediatric medicine for a child's physical, emotional and developmental health. Children's Healthcare for family and kid health in the New York and Brooklyn area. Call (212) 725-6300 for an appointment today!

  • Pediatrician Staff - New York and Brooklyn, NY - Pediatric Associates of NYC, PC - Learn more about Pediatric Associates of NYC, PC and staff. A pediatrician practice providing New York and Brooklyn, NY with Child Health Care.
  • New Pediatric Patients - New York and Brooklyn, NY - Infants, Children and Adolescent care. Call (212) 725-6300 and learn why Pediatric Associates of NYC, PC is a trusted New York and Brooklyn, NY pediatrician for your family's health care needs.
  • Patient Privacy - New York Pediatric Associates of NYC, PC - in New York, NY - New York Pediatric Associates of NYC, PC, provides care for patients in the New York area. Pediatric Associates of NYC, PC

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    This review is 100% my own opinion( and decently thorough if you’d like to read the whole thing). These knee sleeves are great. I have always wanted a pair but always saw it as a “want” and not necessarily a “need”. After trying these, I feel my thoughts have changed. I am 25 years old, been lifting weights for years, and I haven’t put much thought into joint health, especially the knees. When I wore these on leg day, it was an eye opener. They took away so much stress that was forced on my knees. What I found especially nice was that it dramatically reduced the stress but did not take away the amount of effort that you had to put forth to complete the lift.( Basically, it supports you without allowing you to cheat)

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    Great product!! This power will last for days.Great power bank for the price. It charged my phone for about 3.5 days. I didnt keep track of how many times I put it on the charger, but it did well.