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  • Amazon Customer - Yeah it was bright but the way it was advertised was nothing like it turned out to be

    It didn't come with a charger cable for the case, and the case didn't do much light wise. Yeah it was bright but the way it was advertised was nothing like it turned out to be. I was very disappointed.

  • Classic Homes Services - It works!

    I am surprised to see so many negative reviews about OROGOLD here. I had recently walked into the OROGOLD store while on a vacation and was ushered into one of their salons. The technician came out and asked me what I would like to try and offered me free trials of four different products. I even wanted to try out one of their masks, but my grandson started to get impatient, despite their efforts to entertain him with their men’s collection.

  • Tracie Parry - It got rid of the roaches in my kitchen!

    This stuff got rid of the roaches in my kitchen. I made a mixture of 1/2 diatomaceous earth and 1/2 cocoa powder and left it in open tupperware containers around my kitchen. Roaches love cocoa, so they eat the mixture. Then the diatomaceous earth rips them apart from the inside - the grains feel soft to us, but to the roaches they're like sharp pieces of broken glass. So the roaches that eat this stuff die, then the other roaches eat the dead roaches, and those roaches get ripped apart from the inside too. It's morbidly beautiful.