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  • Jennifer Ds Crooke - Hysterical!

    This is hysterical. It literally says 'thighs of steel on the box' - Awesome! Gave it as a gift and it was a huge hit!

  • Amazon Customer - Killed all the fleas quickly and it's still working!

    In Florida fleas are always a problem. Topicals have stopped working. We have 5 cats, 4 stay in 1 comes and goes. He's the culprit who carries the fleas in. After 2 days with collars on everyone, I found NO flea dirt or live fleas. Now 2 months later they seem to be working just as good. No signs of fleas.

  • Angela Johnson - It's Okay, but Customer Service sucks

    We bought this TV 2 years ago for my son. This TV was for his bedroom, we went away for Christmas so we unplugged everything, when we got home he tried to plug his TV in and the ac adapter that the TV uses died. For over a month now we have been looking for a replacement plug, which no one sells, Polaroid states that there is a 60 day backorder for the ac adapter. Plus it is $70 with shipping. Also when I called customer service all they would say is that it is out of warrenty I can ship it back to them for them to fix or fix it on my own.

  • Skyler Blair - miracle

    This stuff saved my ass. Drink bunch of water a day or two before if you can. Chug this 2 hours before test.. Pee 3-4 times to get it rolling thru the stream and you are good to go. Love it

  • slate blue - So glad they changed the looks for 2016

    So glad they changed the looks for 2016. Very happy I waited until now to get a Prius. Love everything about this car, especially all the safety features. I have the Prius4. The mileage is incredible. Comfort and handling are tops. I get a kick out of the doorknob they call gearshift. Something to get used to, but it all makes perfect sense. That whole center screen with navigation, technology and everything else to keep track of, is awesome. Also I find the Heads Up feature helpful. Voice recognition to even just change radio channels works very well. Surprisingly it has a lot of space for passengers and cargo. The score card at the end of my drive just might make me a more frugal driver. We'll see. Wish there was a spare tire for my peace of mind, but between AAA and Toyota's roadside assistance I should be OK. Best of all, I don't have to plug it into anything, and with a range of around 700 miles, I'm all good! Test drive it! Don't think you could do any better for the money.

  • W. yuan - Good primer, sheer

    If you only want to prime your lids for shadow and are not concerned about any coverage, this is the primer for you. It dries matte quickly and it does a great job of keeping your shadows on for hours. I do notice some creasing after around 4-5 hours, BUT ...I do have oily lids and I'm sure that those who don't have this problem can get more hours of creaseless wear out of it. After using this up I'm afraid I won't repurchase, I will look for a primer that stands up better against my oily lids and also provides some coverage for discoloration.

  • louie09 - im hooked on this!

    i love the benefits that BCAAs provide and Pro Series Myobuild 4X has instantly become one of my favorites. this is so much more than just a BCAA product. in addition to the enhanced recovery aspects provided by the aminos, Myobuild 4X also has a muscle building Matrix that is designed to build muscle, increase strength and decrease catabolic activity. AWESOME! the Fruit Punch Blast flavor mixes up easily and tastes great...i highly recommend Myobuild 4X!