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  • thebrakeman - Good clean fun...

    The regular "Just Dance" games have too much smut music on them. We don't let our girls listed to that demeaning junk on radio/mp3, so we don't want them dancing to it either. But this is good fun for the younger ones. My 15 year old will dance around with her younger sisters, but probably wouldn't with her friends over. It's too bad they don't make a PG rated adult version that doesn't include gangster-rap type songs. But I guess that what the mainstream public wants.

  • Amazon Customer - Horrible. I thought the pretty designs would want to ...

    Horrible. I thought the pretty designs would want to make me look at my planner but it just reminded me of how little time I had in the first place when all the pages were left without being colored in. I also didn't the layout of the planner. Don't waste your money.

  • Jason Byram - I love this product but honestly prefer the chocolate flavor because ...

    I love this product but honestly prefer the chocolate flavor because it mixes much better than the vanilla. I always get my product just a few days after I order it.

  • jz5188 - It works like Charm, Inspection Passed! Yoho!!!!!

    I got my year2000 lexus es300 check engine light (CEL) on and code is P0420, the car got 185K miles already, my inspection is coming, What I do? change a OEM catalyst converter cost me $2000. Check amazon reviews, I got this one and poured it in base on instruction. Did not work for the first 10 miles with 1/4 tank, CEL back again. After refilled the gas tank, I deleted the CEL but it back on again after 50 miles, I deleted again then it back after 100 miles. I gave up and even want to buy all parts(O2 sensors and catalyst converter), but finally it works after 150 miles, Code P0420 are gone and CEL never back on. I went to MVC and Passed inspection, Binggo! Now it is more than 200 miles and still no light on.

  • JoeInTampa - Recommended by my wife's doctor as best at being absorbed by the body.

    My wife's doctor recommended this brand of Vitamin B-12 as being the one she had found to be the most readily absorbed. That is the best I can do in rating the efficacy of these vitamins. As to the quality and flavor, they are solid tablets that are to be dissolved under the tongue or chewed -- not swallowed whole. As to flavor, they remind me of Sweet Tart candies, although they are not quite that tart. They dissolve readily, but keep their shape unless chewed. I usually start out with them under my tongue and end up biting them into little pieces after 5-6 minutes.