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  • A. Crain - I own two! (A review after nearly two years.)

    I bought my first roomba 770 nearly two years ago. We had just bought a 1600+ sq. ft. condo with both wood flooring and carpet. At the time we had both a cocker spaniel and a borzoi/afghan hound mix. Let's just say, those are both VERY hairy dogs. Have you SEEN an afghan hound?? haha.

  • R. Buchmann - Still fun with good music, but missing something from Just Dance 4

    I have not played JD2014 too much yet, but I have to say that is partially because it doesn't seem as fun/captivating as Just Dance 4. I primarily play JD4 with my 3 year old son and it is always a lot of fun and great exercise as well. Please take my review with a grain of salt as I have probably spent less than 2 hours with Just Dance 2014. However, I have spent MANY hours with Just Dance 4.

  • Julie T. Teskie - the kind you can easily hold and spray with one hand

    When I posted a question about how much product I should order to the website, they responded in a reasonable amount of time and told me to get the gallon size. So I did, and when I ordered off the website the picture showed a normal sized spray bottle, about 22-32 oz, the kind you can easily hold and spray with one hand. Because I had ordered a gallon's worth of product, I assumed I would be getting several of these bottles. Wrong. My order came in one giant gallon sized bottle with a spray attachment. I believe it's unusable that way unless you are the incredible hulk. Can you imagine holding a gallon of milk out at arms length and spraying it around your house/apartment for long periods of time? I didn't even attempt this. Someone from Wondercide had sent me a nice email asking me if everything had gone well with my order. I replied and explained the problem to them. They did not respond. So, needing to treat my apartment on a few days off that I had, I went out and purchased a normal cleaning-sized spray bottle and a mini one to treat my cats (cause it would be impossible to hold a cat and apply the product with a gallon spray bottle!). I also needed to purchase several funnels as I could see that trying to pour the product out of the gallon jug would be a messy prospect. Having done this, pouring was still so awkward (and the Pets + Home is so thin, it's like rubbing alcohol) that I lost quite a bit of product (which is very expensive at $100 for the bottle). The product went onto my furniture and the cat bedding just fine. However, spraying it on my cats caused them to foam at the mouth, howl for hours, and hide and go off their food for days. It also caused vomiting in all three for several days. I contacted Wondercide again, still no response. This company seems to be out to take your money and run. I don't recommend. If they were willing to stand by their product you would be able to return the product or at least get a hold of them.

  • Sonia P. Trotman - Excellent articles, I specifically bought this issue for the ...

    Excellent articles, I specifically bought this issue for the article on US Tennis champion Serena Williams as she was preparing to make history at the US Open Tennis Tournament this year. Excellent article along with other interesting articles and fashion tips. Brilliant..

  • Andrea - 3 year old loves the taste and it does help his constipation

    I love Mommy's Bliss products. My three year old has constipation trouble. He likes the taste of this which is a huge plus. No momma wants to try to force medicine into her kids. It's not pleasant for anyone involved. We have used the product several times. It doesn't work immediately for us, but usually he can take a couple doses a day and the next day have a bowel movement. It also seems to make it softer for him so he isn't straining so hard or hurting as much.