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Nuclear Information and Resource Service - NIRS - The national information and networking center for citizens and environmental activists concerned about nuclear power, radioactive waste, radiation and sustainable energy issues.

  • Radiation - NIRS - There is no safe level of exposure and there is no dose of (ionizing) radiation so low that the risk of a malignancy is zero. Read more fact about radiation here.

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  • frances k yu - On sunny day n for indoor house mirror n glass table and patio glass door cleaner purpose it does seem invisibly n invincibly go

    Another product I thought was the miracle glass cleaner. On sunny day n for indoor house mirror n glass table and patio glass door cleaner purpose it does seem invisibly n invincibly good like THE best product to clean glasses. But I used it on my car interior windshield n door glass and you can SEE the FILM left on them in the morning while you heat up your car on your way out. This is put in the car care section and I HONESTLY think it don't deserve to be there. For best, I m going back using rubbing alcohol to remove the film n clean my car windows.

  • Jim L. - Good product but expensive

    Agriculture/Farming - Been using QBooks since 1995. Been subscribing to Payroll for years. It has gotten better and works really well. Unfortunately the cost has gone up tremendously. I wish they still had a "basic payroll package". Tax table updates - $72.00 in 2000 increasing to $472 in 2014. I don't use or need a lot of the extras, direct deposit, etc. With only 5 employees the cost / benefit is way out of whack. I feel trapped and over a barrel.

  • A. Dalton - H&R Block At Home Deluxe + State Tax Program

    I've used H&R Block's programs for years. Generally, they are priced a little lower than others - but, I've yet to find one instance of any error or failure to take advantage of any legal deductions, etc. It's Interview format is easy to follow - yet it somehow wades through the maze of complex rules for disabilities, catastrophic losses, service members overseas, and so on. I've come to rely on it; It carries all data forward from prior years, minimizing data entry.

  • Momoftwins71 - Okay for What We Need

    I like this software and have been using it to do the taxes for our irrevocable trust. The draw back is that there is not a way to import transactions from a site like Schwab the way that the online software for personal use does. I have to manually enter our trades. If it can import the transactions, I'd give it 5 stars!

  • Truth and nothing but ... - Do it cause I was told to, dont know if it really does anyting- Cheapest on amazon

    Does what it is supposed to I guess, no problems with the new septic in there now for 2 years, and I dose it monthly. Dont know much about all this, just read it should be done, and septic tank installer told me to. AND scared into doing it by hearing consequences if you dont.

  • Chris McFaren - Hair Loss Sucks

    I am a 21 year old male and there is definitely hair loss in my family. I didn't think I would lose hair as early as I was (around 20). I figure it was due to stress because I'm currently attending college and I wasn't ready for it. Anyways after I started using this product I saw immediate results within weeks. There definitely some side affects though that you all should be aware about. Within a week of using this product I started having trouble sleeping but it wasn't that bad. I also started to get color change in my hair which I wasn't expecting. I also feel at times that I am more tired than usual (not entirely sure if its the product or just me). My hair was turning lighter and almost seemed like it was thinning also. The worst part of it all though is the product dries out your scalp a lot and you start getting dandruff which I've never had before trying this product. My advice to you is get this product if your having hair trouble but definitely don't overuse it because you will start doubting the product. Anyways, hope this helps!

  • D Gutterman - So far so good

    I have a parathyroid thing going on which means, I suddenly and unfortunately have tons of kidney stones. In the middle of this mess, I have to keep seeing the urologist and they keep catheter specimening me (TMI I know but hang in here, okay?) which means I keep either getting UTIs too or I'm worried about them far too much because if I get an infection, they want me back in the hospital which is THOUSANDS of dollars with insurance and really, not so great care. So while I try to get into the best place to fix my parathyroid issue, I'm taking this and it seems to be helping. No UTI means no fever meaning no hospital. Fingers crossed (and legs and anything else because kidney stones suck)!