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    City: 145 Victoria, Australia

  • J. Parent - These are sturdy and a good size for any meal including dinner.

    What would I do without a large stock of paper plates on hand? I always have these in my house. I hate to run out of paper plates and have to wash dishes. These are sturdy and a good size.

  • jetflyer - Doesn't work as advertised

    After doing the GO PRO update, I took 5 different videos and all were frozen every second. There were no interruptions in audio, just the video was broken and frozen. This product is a piece of junk.

  • James - Works as advertised

    This stuff does work. I'm fairly young at 29 years old but was starting to experience knee and ankle pain from years of abuse in the army. It was getting to the point where just walking would give me a mild discomfort in the front of my ankles. I couldn't get through workouts because I was starting to experience a painful grinding sensation in one of my knees as if bone was rubbing on bone. After 2-3 weeks on Move Free my pain and symptoms subsided greatly. I even have an old elbow injury that normally causes pain when I lift weights that's improved as well. Just make sure you follow the instructions and complete the loading phase like they tell you.

  • Corey - Don't buy from Amazon. This is a local solution

    This was such a bad Amazon experience. The tubs came cracked and open and worst oozing. They've got the worst kind of solution that it just hangs around forever. Do they work? Maybe... I don't know because they were open in transport they came w/ some black discoloration already so I guess it was soaking up the warehouse/ups truck moisture.

  • Hannah - My First Road Bike

    I bought this bike from a different site because they included a professionally built bike ready to ride for $50 more. I am, by no means, an expert bike rider. I go to the gym regularly and was looking for a source of cardio (I hate running). While I have no real expertise, as a beginner, I love this bike. The gears are easy to switch while riding, it looks great, and the breaks work well. There are no strange noises coming from the chain, unless you cross the gears in a bad way. The ride is smooth and I love how much faster I can go (I have only had mountain bikes). I am very pleased with the quality and I would definitely recommend this bike to anyone looking for a good ride for a cheaper price. My only issue, and this is more personal than anything, is that the saddle is hard on my "sitting bones." I suppose that's more from my inexperience. I will be investing in some padded bike shorts to fix that problem. Happy riding!

  • Barbara Johnstone - OK for a pocket edition.

    Quite useful, on the whole, although some information that I would expect in a full-blown (rather than pocket) edition is missing. For example, directions for getting to the "Big Buddha" don't tell you which way (ferry or subway) to get to the island if you want to take the gondola up. I liked the small size but I would have preferred fewer (even no) pictures and more details.