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  • Anna Moore - A scam- glue stuck to my face!

    I was sold this like everyone else here, and like the other who have given it 1 star.... It is a scam. The product stuck to my face too... I had to pull the stuck bits off one by one.... Even a rough Muslim cloth would not get them off! The only exfoliation is due to ripping glue that sticks to your face off!!! Absolute scam. And as others say, expensive too.

  • aeadams - Good for the Money

    These books are great for the money you spend. I have the 2012 version and have passed the three test I've taken, first try. I would HIGHLY recommend getting the CPATestBank software too, it's also not very expensive and very, very helpful. It follows the books exactly. I read a module and then get on the computer and take a few 10 question "pop quizzes". My only complaint is the books have typos, a lot of them. They aren't major typos and if you understand the basic concepts to begin with then you should be able to tell when there are typos but still it's annoying that they are there. Wiley is a pretty respected company in the accounting education world so I expected better. Still a VERY good buy for the money. Also, the Testbank questions are worded exactly like the real CPA tests so it made me a lot more comfortable when I took the tests.

  • Sporty - Christmas Gift

    I bought this item for my grandson's Christmas gift. Diamondback has a reputation of being a top of the line bicycle and this one confirms it. Superb construction and he loves it.

  • ♏ RR - Accurate and Easy to use!

    I hate being sick but when I am I like to know if I have a fever and how high it is so it is very important to have a good thermometer around. The Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer is exactly that. I have never been a big fan of thermometers that measure forehead temp but this one is accurate and works instantly with the push of a button. It also measures in ear temperature and it is equally as fast and accurate. It has a large LCD screen that lights up green when your temp is normal and red when you are running a fever. I just happen to have been sick this week because my grandson passed on strep throat to me and I could tell I had a fever. I used the in ear function and it quickly read at 101.8 degrees. So then I got out my regular mouth thermometer to see if they matched and it read 101.3. By this time I was out from under the covers so the small variation made perfect sense. The thermometer is also very attractive in appearance and has a base to keep it on when you aren't using it.

  • Sophia - Best album so far

    This album allows storing quarters to be visible from both sides, as coins are placed in between two transparent sheets into special cutouts in pages. Great idea! There is space for both P and D quarters.

  • George F. Hawkins - installed easily, works as designed without problems

    Arrived promptly, installed easily, works as designed without problems. I am perfectly happy, and it was much cheaper (half?) than the dealer wanted.