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Mohawk Valley Medical Associates, Inc. - Home - Welcome to!   Mohawk Valley Medical Associates, Inc. was founded in Schenectady, New York in 1983 as an Independent Practice Association (IPA), by a small group of community-minded physicians. The goal was to lay the groundwork for a local, Schen

  • Mohawk Valley Medical Associates, Inc. - mvma IPA - serving physicians for 30 years - Our MissionTo ensure physician autonomy and input into the delivery of medical care through advocacy & involvement in policy-making, processes & negotiations. To strengthen the organization financially by participating in a risk arrangement that encourages
  • Mohawk Valley Medical Associates, Inc. - mvma physicians' organization, llc - MVMA PO was formed in 2000 in response to the development of new lines of business beyond the traditional HMO commercial product.  This organization contracts with MVP for its self-funded, PPO, Indemnity and HSA products.  The PO and IPA are arms' length b
  • Mohawk Valley Medical Associates, Inc. - The MVMA foundation - The IPA Board of Directors formed The MVMA Foundation in November 2003 as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) private foundation to benefit charitable organizations that engage in the promotion of health either by delivering health care services or by providing public
  • Mohawk Valley Medical Associates, Inc. - Newsletters & Announcements - Check out this page for recent communications from  Dr. Toll, physician newsletters, and other information specific to the MVMA network physicians.

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  • Lina - Many disappointments: Flimsy band. Lost the first MOOV NOW on my second run. Second MOOV NOW will not sync.

    I ordered two MOOV NOWs because I wanted a tracker that tracks more than just step movements, like the more varied movements you do at a bootcamp.

  • Stephen in Plano - 4 star due to the 30 day nagging

    I like the way that this product works, I am downgrading it from 5 for the following reasons, 30 nag prior to license expiration, and also if install it for one device that starts the clock for all devices.

  • Suze - This was a miracle for me!

    It seemed like once I hit my late 30s, I started getting all kinds of painful bumps or "boils" in my groin area. My OBGYN said it was ingrown hairs....I found that hard to believe since some would end up on the inside of my thigh where there is no hair. I started researching and came across Princereigns and decided to give it a try. It took about 2 weeks for me...but I noticed I wasnt getting those bumps anymore. I figured maybe I was just having a "dry spell" but kept using it. Its been about 2 years now that I have been using it and I very rarely get any bumps or boils at all. I used it once a day for the 1st year or so, now I used it every 3 or 4 days. One time I stopped for about 2 weeks, and those bumps started coming back. 2 of my friends at work started talking about having the same problems I did and I told them to try this and they did, and are amazed. Its been about 1 month and neither 1 of them has gotten any at all. I say if you have problems like this, try it...just one bottle. If you dont notice any difference at all, then dont buy it again but to me, $25 total is sooo worth it to get rid of those horrible bumps! And now it lasts me several months since I dont use it as much, so $25 every 3 months or so is not bad for the relief!

  • jtreiber - Not Marine Quality!

    Good insulation, but there's nothing "marine" about this product. Was shipped with hole in side netting, now the zipper has come off. Short return window was missed. Spend your money on a better cooler if you want quality and durability.