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Home - The official website of Dr. E. Murakami and the Murakami Centre for Lyme. Dedicated to research, education & assistance for those with Lyme in Canada.

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  • Amazon Customer - GPLC GlycoCarn

    I have suffered with leg pain for years my orthopedist told me it was arthritis from old knee injuries. I started doing my own research and this supplement came up for leg pain. Within 2 days the pain and stiffness started going away. I have spent allot of money on supplements but this one gave me the most relief.

  • Darrin Nicholson - Computer Concepts

    The book is very detailed but easy to understand. It explained computer terminology, hardware, software, language, and more in such a way to make sense. The book is ideal for people with little undertanding of, or just beginning to use, computers and programs.

  • Aleks - Great gaming device, and an excellent value.

    This is a worthy upgrade from the excellent XBox 360. From a hardware perspective is very solid, but not revolutionary, but the OS and the games make a great experience. Sure, not all features are enabled, and there are some quirks, but we all know that these will be ironed out in time. Also, it's worth mentioning that the graphical gap between this and the 360 is less pronounced than between the 360 and the first XBox. I also own two Xbox 360's, a Playstation 3, a Playstation 4, and very powerful gaming PC (NVidia 780 GTX, etc.). Overall, I would give the PS4 4 stars because of how little it does beyond games, but in time, I believe they will even out. To the average consumer, this is an excellent gaming device at a great price. For comparison, I paid $650 for the graphics card alone in my PC, and and about $4,000 overall. My PC plays any current games at maximum settings, but overall is only marginally better than the XBox One.

  • Joel - Exceeded overall expectations

    Having played guitar on and off for almost 10 years, I have remained at a steady skill level for some time. That, coupled with work and going back to school has made it difficult to pick the instruments up again. After hearing about this game from a friend, I decided to bite the bullet and buy it.

  • Steven Parker - UnderHood Light

    All though the Amazon web site said that it would not fit my 2005 Jeep wrangler SE it fit right where it was made for and pluged in to the factory wiring harness like it was made for it. I put a switch in line with it so when I am working in my garage and leave the hood up for a long time I can turn it off.It has a slide switch built in.The package was crushed but the light was not damaged.This light is the same under hood light that came on my 2006 Dodge Ram.

  • MelKathryn - If you're looking to slow down and figure what's important grab this book quick!

    This book has some incredible points. I can't say any of them were new or monumental in my life. But I love it makes you sit back and think about how you are spending your minutes and days.

  • Skeletor - I'm a pretty big fan of CyberPower products

    I'm a pretty big fan of CyberPower products. They are well made, include more functionality than pretty much anything else in it's class, and are really competitively priced. I have some of their pure sine wave products that work great and cost way less than competing brands.