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  • Shon R. Edwards - Horrible software!

    I have always had problems with Roxio products. With version 12 Pro, I had problems with it shutting down at 99% being finished, the VideoWave program or whatever it's called shutting down about 50% of the time on a project. When I would do it the second time or third it would finally work. At least it would backup 50 GB of info on a 50 GB Blu-ray blank. Now I tried it with NXT and it backed up 1.5 GB only and told me it was finished!!! I'm through with this product, but don't know where else to go because CyberLink Power2Go also has problems with backing up this data. They're both good for something but not good on the other hand. I don't know where to go now. Maybe back to 12 Pro; at least it backed up most of my 50 GB of data onto a Blu-ray.

  • Grant H. - Kills black widows

    Finally something that gets rid of the black widows! The ones I could see when I sprayed died quickly and they still have not returned!

  • Toln Dakoti - It's not bad for a 1/5th of the price

    I'm somewhat satisfied with it because it's 1/5th of the price of the name-brand equivalent. The hardware is fine, except the battery life is very bad. This is one of the biggest hassles.I was shooting at 1080p 60 frames, and the battery lasts 45 mins tops.


    I have never given a bad review on any product in my life. This one is so bad I had too. Do not waste your hard money on this software, you will just end up frustrated and out time and money. My fiancé spent hours creating a photoshow for my daughter of pictures throughout her school years. We were looking to show this at her grad party. When we try to burn it or save it outside of Roxio it will only record the audio and a beautiful black screen. Now after hours of time we can view it in Roxio and that is it.

  • Jerzie girl - They are slip-ons & run a bit small

    These shoes are so comfortable. Though they have laces, they are slip-ons which is fine for me but some don't like that. I don't wear socks with them which is not normal for me but they feel better that way. My feet don't sweat in them even when in Florida! I have them in 2 different colors. I love them. I usually wear a size 8 but read other reviews & ordered an 8 1/2 which fit great(with no socks). I broke bones in both my feet & have had surgery on both so have a problem finding comfortable shoes. Theses are awesome!

  • W. Swardstrom - Fantastic Find

    I kept getting recommendations from Amazon and other places to buy and read this book. Finally I ran out of excuses a couple of months ago and I am glad I gave in. Fluency is a terrific tale of first contact with an alien race. Told from the perspective of a non-astronaut, Dr. Jane Holloway, a linguist, who is along on the trip to hopefully help find an “Alien Rosetta Stone,” of a sort. Instead, Holloway herself ends up being the Rosetta Stone and we see what happens in deep space when you begin to question all you know, your own sanity, and even your crewmates. Fluency is well done and I am intrigued by what Wells will offer us next.

  • Lisa L. - Not getting the job done

    The head is not large enough for large areas. Plus, unless you wrank the head with your bare hands; otherwise, it's not dried enough for the floor. I was so disappointed that the floor looks watery afterward. I might not have gotten this proudct if I knew this would happened.