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  • Lorena - Hope these work.

    I wasn't sure about these ear buds when I ordered them. I listen to audible books all day. I have gone through so many ear buds while working and listening to books. It doesn't take long until I have broken a wire somewhere and I can't hear with them any longer. This is the perfect solution. I'm not tied down to my kindle but I can hear every word. I'm really loving my Senso ear buds.

  • Dusty - Goodbye Suger Scrubs!

    In the past I have always been given sugar scrubs as gifts. I love the benefits of body scrubs, but what I don't like about the sugar ones is the oily residue that it leaves behind. I feel dirtier after my showers. I got this scrub because I thought maybe the milk would but back the oils. Well, after using this scrub I LOVE IT! It is a drier flaky consistency and REALLY SCRUBS the body. AMAZING!!!! And it's easy to wash off and leaves the skin feeling very soft and glowing. I will definitely be buying more of this!!!

  • Michelle S. Willms - Helps ease me into the sleep cycle

    I suffer from several neurological diseases that bring chronic pain, as well as a compromised immune system, so I suffer from major insomnia. I may go for 2-3 weeks getting only a couple hours of sleep a night, then crash and burn and sleep off and on for 12 hours (more off than on), then start the cycle again. I do not take prescription sleep medications. I have enough prescription medications I must take without worrying about addiction to a sleep med, or a possible contraindication with another prescription. I also prefer natural medications, when possible.

  • Itzybellababy - I slept!

    I have a hard time falling asleep sometimes. I was taking benadryl but read it made your brain shrink , so I really wanted to cut it out. Who knows if it was true, but I need my brain as is... I was happy to try this supplement to help me out.

  • Ryley Northrop - Helped me out!

    I received a free sample of their prenatal drink, and really enjoyed the flavor and ease of remembering to take my prenatal viatims (it's much easier for me to drink this than remember to take those viatims). . I popped the oacket into my purse and just added it to my water bottle. The flavor tasted good and I was curious about their other products. I have a very low-milk supply, so I ordered this and it was the same as the prenatals-easy to drink and I noticed a small difference in my milk supply a few days after starting it. I also diluated my packet so that I was upping my liquid intake. Overall, very happy with this product!

  • BRUCEB - Just OK

    Was OK. In the end my taxes are not that complicated that I really needed this. Seemed like a good idea at the I was really going to discover some loophole I'd forgotten about. Was cheap though so no big loss.

  • Beth Beltz - This grooming tool is fantastic! It works wonders on my ever shedding Labrador ...

    This grooming tool is fantastic! It works wonders on my ever shedding Labrador Retriever! Why didn't I come across this sooner? This price of this tool is extremely reasonable! My lab and I thank you for a wonderful tool!