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  • Amazon Customer - natures way holy basil

    Becareful, it seemed to calm me down just a tiny bit. The problem is I slept an hour an woke up, tried to sleep more but kept waking up. I thought well if I wake up after 6 hours of trying to sleep to take another one, I was awake for 30 hours, massive headache back and front of my head. Felt terrible and had to pee every 30 minutes. Going back on my Trazadone. One of the worse days and nights of my life. Could not function or eat.

  • C. Siano - fantastic mechanical keyboard.

    This might use their own mechanical contacts, but the result is still one of the best typing keyboards I've ever used. Oh, and you can control the LED on the emblem using the FN+F11 and FN+F12 keys. It's not in the manual.

  • D R Ulmer - I would pass on this!

    I followed the directions exactly. Not impressed! Lesson learned! There is no easy solution for removing mildew and mold from a deck using this stuff. I would say that it is possible that it could work in a controlled lab environment,just not in real life,unless the amount of mold and mildew is miniscule.

  • Quinlan_Rocks - Took some getting used to as it is not like my old fit bit and it doesn't measure daily ...

    Took some getting used to as it is not like my old fit bit and it doesn't measure daily steps etc. It is much more geared up for training and improving technique, I use it for cycling and am finding it very helpful.