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  • mike w - Cold air intake

    This product is great. super easy to install took 5 mins to put together and 10 mins to install. took for test drive after installation and could feel more power as soon as i touched the gas pedel. gas mileage has gone up about 1.5 to 2 mile per gallon BUT WITH THE EXTRA POWER its a little harder to go easy on the gas to get that extra mileage. i would put this on any other truck or car i own.

  • Amazon Customer - OMG! Horrable Dont waste your time.

    They took a perfectly good story line and ruined it by putting in 3rd rate actors. OMG the acting was so horrible. I normally watch 2nd rate movies, just ask my husband, but this was beyond horrible. Dont waste your time.

  • 3littlekittens - Best mop ever!

    I am so happy with this mop. I really like that it's a string mop but has the squeezing action that a lot of string mops are missing so you don't have to get your hands all soggy and dirty wringing it out by hand. I also love that the head is removable and machine washable. I've washed it several times already and it's holding up very well so far. I think the head itself will last much longer because you can clean it MUCH more thoroughly than those you have to rinse by hand. Also, even when I need a new head I only have to pay to replace the head and I won't have to buy a whole new mop.