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My personal experience with Hemorrhoids - Here you can read interesting post about my personal experience with hemorrhoids, which should help you to get proper solution of Hemorrhoids related problems.

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  • Lindsay Wylie - Align actually WORKS

    I've tried tons of supposed "cures" before - Zelnorm never worked for me, and neither have over-the-counter medication. Special teas and other foods just made me even sicker, and I finding meals every night that wouldn't leave me in pain was quite the chore. Align was a last-ditch effort for me, and I am absolutely floored by it. Within a couple of days of taking it, I noticed a difference, and a week later, I'd never felt better since I was a teenager. With the exception of chocolate (alas!), all of my previous trigger foods no longer affect me. If I were a religious person, I'd almost want to call this a miracle. If you have IBS or other digestive conditions, and your doctor does NOT seem to really take you seriously (mine kept attributing my condition to anxiety, when anyone who knows me knows that I am extremely laid-back and stress-free), then you should definitely try Align.

  • DALMD - I despise Intuit

    Being a Mac user, I have been abandoned by Intuit before. No more support from them for Quicken products for Mac. Remember?

  • junipermn - Would be a good product if it was reliable

    Worked really well for a week, then wouldn't work at all. Light came on in base, light in computer end stayed off, and computer didn't charge. Would be a good product if it was reliable.

  • VixterK - Works well but could use an applicator

    This eye shadow primer / base works fantastic. My shadow goes on nice and stays where I put it. Urban Decay works well, too. I do have to use a Q-tip to put it on though. Unlike Urban Decay, Too Faced does not come with any type of applicator and the only way I can get it all across my eye lid is with the Q-tip. It comes just in a plain tube. I should note that Too Faced is quite a bit cheaper than Urban Decay. I'll stick with Too Faced.


    I've been a Neat Company Fan & Dedicated Customer for a long time. I had NeatReceipts for many years and then decided to upgrade to NeatDesk with NeatWorks Software on 9/16/10. I loved the faster scan times, scanning front & back, etc. Then, recently on 2/16/11, the software NeatWork lost all of my data. Luckily, I back up monthly so I was able to restore the data and only lost one month's of work. Then, I started noticing scanning problems with Wide Black Band Through Image. I immediately contacted customer service which is only available through their website by opening a case. A rep responded with some instructions to try and resolve the problem. I followed the instructions and the problem wasn't fixed. I updated the case by explaining this and I got the same instructions as a response. At this point, I figured out that customer service didn't exist. I asked why I was getting the same instructions after I reported the instructions followed did not fix the issue and then a different rep gave me different instructions. I followed those instructions without any success either. I updated the report and asked about the one year warranty since my purchase was within a year, and no response after that. I filed a compliant with the FTC, BBB and wanted others interested in this product to know before considering purchasing. What's funny is that the sales rep which is the only number provided try to sell me tech support annual fee. This is quite disappointing as I was a loyal fan. BUYER BEWARE!!! Customer service and warranty does not exist after purchase.

  • jmf1986 - no more hair loss.

    I couldnt bring myself to spring for the whole line. I only use the scalp revitalizer and pair it with other sulfate free shampoos and conditioners (wen, dermorganics, etc.) It took about 2 weeks to see a diff. I wash and use the scalp revitalizer about 4x a week. After using regularly, all my hair loss at the root has virtualy stopped. Now im working on hair loss due to breakage.

  • ndcColorado - Great songs!

    This game has a good newer music that the kids all enjoy dancing to. They range in age from 9 to 18. It allows them to dance with people around the world in online mode, and the graphics look better than previous editions.