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  • M. Hasday - Great product, terrible company

    I write this review sadly, as I still think the product is far better than comparable products (like Quickbooks). However, I must agree with everyone who has given poor reviews for support, and add to that a poor review for customer service. With one notable exception, no one I have ever spoken with at Sage has cared even the slightest amount for making sure I was a happy customer when I got off the phone with them. They are more concerned with arguing with you about why they are right and your complaints are not valid, than seeing what they can do to make you happy to have purchased their product. In this day and age, customer service is the single most important factor in securing ongoing customer loyalty, and it is a poor business decision indeed to think you can keep unhappy customers hostage through high switching costs.

  • mom4three - very helpful!

    I have only been using the book for a couple of months, but I am seeing a difference in my child's reading and writing. Thank you!

  • Stephen M. Greenfield - A must-read authoritative resource

    I have finished reading "Filing the FAFSA", cover-to-cover. Wow. Really, this is one of the best books I have read on demystifying a complex subject — any subject — ever. "Filing the FAFSA" is complete in its scope, exhaustive in its detail, and authoritative in its advice. It's also well-written and a pleasure to read — especially considering the difficult nature of college financial aid! I especially appreciated the extensive "Common Errors" section at the end, recapping the myriad of mistakes a filer could make.