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Homecare and Medical Staffing - Maxim Healthcare Services - Maxim Healthcare Services provides homecare, companion care, medical staffing, and wellness services nationwide.

  • Homecare and Home Health Services - Maxim Healthcare Services - Homecare, eldercare, and non-medical care - Learn more about homecare services with Maxim Healthcare.
  • Hospital and Medical Facility Staffing Services - Maxim Healthcare Services - Maxim provides hospital and medical facility staffing services through several specialized divisions.
  • Flu Vaccine Programs and Wellness Services - Maxim Healthcare Services - Maxim Health Systems is a provider of flu shots, vaccination programs, and corporate wellness programs.
  • Healthcare Staffing and Medical Jobs - Maxim Healthcare Services - Maxim Healthcare Services provides home health, companion care, medical staffing, and wellness services in communities nationwide.
  • Healthcare Services and Nurse Staffing- Maxim Healthcare Services - Maxim Healthcare Services has more than 20 years of experience providing home health, healthcare staffing, and wellness services.
  • Maxim Leadership - Maxim Healthcare Services - Maxim’s leadership team is committed to continuously providing quality homecare, staffing, and wellness services nationwide.
  • Our Employees - Maxim Healthcare Services - At Maxim, we believe our employees are our greatest asset. It is because of the talented healthcare professionals we employ that we are able to provide a variety of services to meet and respond to the needs of our clients and patients.
  • Caregiver of the Year - Maxim Healthcare Services - In an effort to recognize and celebrate our outstanding caregivers, each year Maxim selects a Caregiver of the Year from our pool of approximately 40,000 caregivers.
  • Our Patients - Maxim Healthcare Services - For 25 years, Maxim Healthcare Services has been committed to providing homecare, staffing, and wellness services across the nation. Our approach to quality care focuses on a commitment to providing a level of expertise, training, patient service, and monitoring that is difficult to match in our industry.
  • Healthcare Industry Testimonials - Maxim Healthcare Services - Testimonials - learn what patients, clients, and employees are saying about Maxim Healthcare Services.
  • Providing Healthcare Staffing and Homecare Personnel- Maxim Healthcare Services - Maxim Healthcare Services' mission is related to its commitment to develop leaders in serving its patients, employees, and clients with great care.
  • Nurse Staffing, Companion Care and Homecare - Maxim Healthcare Services - Homecare services, Allied Health staffing, nurse staffing, physician staffing, wellness - Maxim has divisions serving nearly every area of the healthcare industry.
  • Maxim Compliance - Maxim Healthcare Services - Maxim' s compliance program helps ensure that its affairs are conducted in accordance with applicable laws, standards, and sound ethical business practices.
  • Maxim Healthcare Services Leadership & Compliance Fact Sheet - In 2009 Maxim Healthcare Services undertook a significant restructuring effort resulting in policies and procedures intended to ensure compliance with state and federal laws. Settlement on these policies and procedures has resulted in a positive culture shift within the company.
  • Our Community Outreach - Maxim Healthcare Services - At Maxim, not only are we committed to the health and well-being of our patients, but we are also committed to the health and well-being of our communities. That is why we strongly encourage our employees to volunteer their time and talents to support and meet the needs of the communities in which we work and live.
  • E-Newsletters - Nursing E-newsletters, Physician E-newsletters, Homecare E-newsletters - Maxim Healthcare Services offers e-newsletters for healthcare professionals, caregivers, and patients.
  • Healthcare Staffing, Homecare, and Wellness Services - Maxim Healthcare Services - Homecare, medical staffing, and wellness services. Learn more about Maxim Healthcare Services.
  • Homecare Clinical Services - Maxim Healthcare Services - Learn more about Maxim' s clinical service delivery as it relates to its commitment to quality care.
  • Investing in Healthcare Technology to Improve Clinical Delivery - Maxim Healthcare Services - Maxim' s commitment to quality includes an investment in healthcare technology.
  • Administrative Healthcare Staffing - Maxim Healthcare Services - Maxim places medical and hospital administrative staff in contract, temp-to-perm and direct hire assignments.
  • Allied Health Staffing Services - Maxim Healthcare Services - Maxim Allied Health Staffing places Allied Health Professionals in contract, temp-to-perm and direct hire assignments.
  • Clinical Research and Consulting Services - Maxim Healthcare Services - Orbis Clinical provides clinical professionals and comprehensive drug safety consulting services.

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  • JAYBIRD - Daughter very happy

    My daughter found out, that the CF4 she had been using for the past three years was no longer recognized on the NCAA list of acceptable bats, shortly before boarding the plane to Florida for Spring training. She called me in a mild panic begging me to get her a new bat in time for the regular season. With no way for the two of us to take a run to the local sporting goods store and try out few, I reluctantly hit the web and searched for a bat meeting her criteria. I hate purchasing any sports equipment without being able to handle it beforehand. Especially a bat. But the circumstances being what they were, I was happy to find the one I was looking for at Amazon and for the best price on the web.

  • Lisa484969 - If that doesn't bother you then I would recommend!

    Product seems to work well for hair and nails but I found them hard to take due to their taste/ smell unfortunately. If that doesn't bother you then I would recommend!

  • Amazon Customer - Worth the price but not exactly worth the buy

    Although this earbud looks cool and it works somewhat, it isn't as high quality as I had hoped. Of course, the price does fit it very well so I can't complain. The bud only shows up on one of my devices and once it is connected with a device, its hard to disconnect it. It only has one bud on the side but it does have a cord that connects another natural bud. It can't travel very far and still hear the music or stay connected. It would only allow me to go maybe 3 yards away. Other than that, taking it exercising is a real joy. It helps so cords aren't in the way

  • anamac - Freekin AMAZING!!!

    This was the very first book of Jaymin Eve's that I ever read and I have to say that she is now one of my top 5 most loved authors! I love the strength of the main female character, the underlying sexual tension in the main character relationships, the humour and the beautiful way that Jaymin Eve weaves these alternate worlds, but makes them believable. It always leaves me wanting more and with a craving to know more about each of the characters. Jesse and the Quads, be still my heart <3

  • Phillip - Great for women and especially men who want a lather and foamy hair wash...

    Well, I loved the shampoo on my stay at Hilton Minneapolis so got this with my Amazon rewards. Well, this a very large bottle which was reasonably priced. This has a very good foaming and lather so a little goes a long way. So, I only recommend to squeeze a small pea size into your hand and then work it into your hair. This shampoo doesn't have a floral scent so great for guys. Overall, I think both men and women will enjoy this shampoo.

  • Douglas J Jarus - This is what a Les Paul is supposed to be

    I have the Iced Tea burst finish which, to me, looks very similar as to what is pictured here. I bought my Les Paul in 2009 and the Traditional was one of the only models at that time that was not chambered (i.e. the body is a solid block of wood). The 57 pickups are amazing and when combined with the nice solid body give you a great warm tone. The only modification that I have made to my Les Paul is to have a bone nut installed and the tuners changed. The bone nut helps keep the strings from binding and add to the tone a little. The tuners probably could have stayed after I changed the nut, but they make some very good "aged" locking tuners (I used Grover) to give the guitar a nice vintage look. I can not emphasize enough how important the PLEK system is to giving you an absolutely perfect fret dress and straight neck. I have all of my gigging guitars plecked by Joe Glaser in Nashville, and afterwards you can drop the action down to about nothing. It makes the guitar very, very playable without any buzzing at all. I know that most guitarists feel that the days of getting a decent instrument out of a major manufacturer are long past, but I have to say that I would not trade my Les Paul Traditional for a "vintage" model unless it was to sell it and then use the money to buy another Traditional and a private jet to get to the gigs faster.