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  • Tonya Elliott - Purchased about a month ago and really like the quality of the picture

    Purchased about a month ago and really like the quality of the picture. Setup was fast and easy. Most difficult part of set up was getting the code to work on my universal remote. It has good options for picture quality adjustments and sound adjustments. When watching sports it brings the sportscaster voice to the front and the crowd noise is in the background. Picture is crisp and clear.

  • Anna C - Good purchase

    The delivery occurred within days of the purchase. It came as one big package (very, very heavy!!!!). The driver came alone and did not have a proper equipment to bring it inside of my house so the package was dropped off to my garage. It took my husband and I about 30 minutes to load the package from garage to our van, take it around the house and move it to the lower level of our house. We used a dolly which significantly helped. The assembly instructions are easy to follow. It took us about three hours to put it together. No issues to report regarding the performance of the equipment. However, it's been only four weeks since I started using it. I did notice that the strength of the fans is not sufficient to reach person using the equipment.

  • Bill - Theater of the Absurd

    Anybody who runs Quickbooks knows that they are always attempting to get people to upgrade, every single year, for tiny benefits most of us will never use. I was running 2007 and the payroll service (which is a separate annual charge), and my business was forced to purchase the 2010 version to keep the payroll. I bought the disk against my will. Absolutely nothing in 2008 through 2010 inclusive seems at all useful to the accounting end of my business.

  • T. W. Day - Too Many Bugs to Trust This Version

    Like many other reviewers, I have been a Quicken user since the mid-1990s. Due to the usual problems Intuit allows with new releases, I usually don't upgrade until a release has been in use for at least a year. This time, I found a substantially better price on Quicken 2014 Deluxe than I could find for Quicken 2013 Deluxe, so I broke my long-standing rule and have been "rewarded" accordingly. Having been on 2011 right up to the moment it would no longer converse with my banks, I don't have a useful way back to software that functioned reliably so I will have to keep fighting with Intuit's awful customer service system until something works. However, it is too bad MS failed so badly with Money because at this point I'd be willing to try pretty much any competitive money management software.

  • Cins11 - BEST Natural pH balanced feminine spray!

    I have very sensitive skin, and this feminine spray is wonderful! It helps keep my *bits* fresh, clean, and never irritates. This product is on my go-to favorites list!

  • Barb - EO Diffuser

    I own three other essential oil diffusers. For me, the different colors of lights are a waste since I don't turn them on. I do like being able to have the mist come out continuously or in 30-second bursts (my other diffusers do not have that option), although I think the green light should be for the continuous mist (just my opinion). The unit is not quiet but it's not extremely loud either. The mist shoots straight up which works for some locations but not others, so being able to direct the mist at a different angle would be a plus. The water cup holds much more than the water reservoir on the diffuser holds, so don't just dump the water in willy-nilly or you'll have a mess. All in all, this diffuser works just fine for what it is and is definitely at an affordable price point. I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.

  • duke - Slow, Slow, Slow

    This game is terrible. Never once did I find the American maps that were advertised, I could only download maps from mods sites on the internet which FYI are always trying to get you buy something or download third party spyware. Next once my 2 hr download for the game was finished I thought the waiting was over because it must have loaded all the graphics in advance and would have fast game play. Once again I was wrong, it takes approximately 10 sec. to even get a tractor to move (yes I actually counted). The games play was so slow and boring I have even deleted the game totally from my computer. The Xbox version is supposed to be much better, but I chose the PC version because of the ability to download mods for the game, which are virtually endless. That is the only positive I can say about the game. My recommendations is not to buy this or at least get a demo first.