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Long Term Care Facility Pharmacy � Oregon Assisted Living Facilities Pharmacy � Managed Health Care Pharmacy Oregon - Managed Healthcare Pharmacy is dedicated to providing our customers the best quality service, drugs and medical supplies at competitive prices and doing it in a timely manner. Our pharmacy's mission is to provide the highest level of pharmacy care to all of our patients.

  • LTC Facilities Pharmacy - 24 Hour Pharmacy Oregon - Medical Equipment - Managed Healthcare Pharmacy was founded by Randy Klemm (Rph) in 1991 and joined by Gil Achterhof in 2002. Our founders recognized the current and future needs of the aging...
  • Assisted Living Facility - Pharmacy Delivery - Residential Care Facility - When your facility chooses to partner with Managed Healthcare Pharmacy, we strive to provide a seamless transition. Our New Facility Representative will guide you through the process for a...
  • Pharmacy Delivery - Medical Equipment Delivery -  Managed Healthcare Pharmacy provides FREE daily facility delivery of all prescriptions and medical equipment. Our fleet of reliable pharmacy delivery vehicles ensure that your facility will receive medications and medical...
  • Clinical Nurse Consultant - eMARS - Facility eMARS - Consulting Pharmacist (RPh) and/or Nurse (RN) Services Managed Healthcare Pharmacy offers the services of a Clinical Nurse Consultant to support our customers and the residents they serve. Services provided...
  • Refund Policy | General Info - Since Managed Healthcare Pharmacy is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods we do not issue refunds once the order is accomplished. As a customer you are responsible for understanding this upon purchasing...
  • Managed Healthcare Pharmacy Oregon - Privacy Policy - At Managed Healthcare Pharmacy in Oregon, we are committed to protecting your privacy. We use the information we collect to assist us in processing orders. Please read on for more...

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  • C.Y. Simpleton - Buyer Beware

    There is a reason why the box edition (no disc – card with download instructions only) is $27 while the regular download is $99. It does not include the 4 Premium Soundpools that are advertised on the product box (only the 6 Standard Soundpools get installed). Magix customer service says it refers to a couple of samples in the “live” application, but that’s just damage control. Those are not Soundpool sets.

  • rhonda b. - Great!!!

    This item did the trick!! Cant speak for no one but me. These sickening critters was in every room of my home biting every family member.

  • The Traveler - An enjoyable read,

    In this book a woman who at one point in her past had contact with a deceased serial killer becomes terrified when it becomes apparent someone is seeking revenge for the death of the killer. She is assisted by another man who at one point had dated one of the previous victims. Romantic suspense, well written dialogue.

  • Brooke - all natural metabolism booster and muscle preserver

    This isn't an unhealthy shortcut to your ideal body, or a magic pill that will fix all of your problems, but it really does work. You need to use this along with a healthy diet and exercise plan. These pills will help you, but they won't do ALL the work.

  • Peter Blake - Great product. I used it to debadge my car

    Great product. I used it to debadge my car, worked great with liberal application and some elbow grease while using a micro fiber cloth. I had the three badges off and cleaned up in under 30 minutes with zero damage to the paint. Can't even tell anything was ever there. Should have bought it years ago instead of trying to use other products.

  • Amber and Bill - Easy to use. See your trail cam pics right away!

    plug in and you can view your pictures right away. There are no real instructions but if I can figure out how to make a folder and move them to your gallery I think most anyone can!

  • Tech Savvy - Best Stop Leak I have used so far.

    I have a 2007 Impala that leaks like a sieve. I literally have oil leaking from every single place possible... no exaggeration! My car takes 5w30. I first tried high mileage oil with substituting a quart of oil for a quart of Lucas Engine Stop Leak. This may have slowed down the oil leaks, but did not cure them. After running the 5w30 with Lucas for a month, I drained the oil and tried a new combination.