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  • John Arroyo - This product is awesome! It is a true Mopar product and significantly ...

    This product is awesome! It is a true Mopar product and significantly enhances the look of your jeep. I give it 4 stars for the product. I would give it 5, but the shipping arrived almost a week later than stated.

  • Brian Darby - Ugh, what a pain.

    Annoying. It finds something to block on nearly EVERY website. Blocks most links from email, whether they area actually malicious or not, because it is "similar" to a malicious Website. And you are "similar" to any terrorist, if one looks at you a certain way. What a pain in the a$$.

  • Frank Werner - His best book

    Charles Murray, who gained notoriety during the Clinton years by arguing that blacks were on the average,or on a bell curve graph, less intelligent or had lower IQ than whites do in his book "The Bell Jar" co written with the late Richard Hernstein, has a new book that was released recently. The Bell Curve was discussed in liberal pundit Eric Alterman's book "What Liberal Media?" because Alterman felt it created a media sensation in the 90s while being fraudulent,in Alterman's opinion.

  • AlliBaba - Terrible and Overrated

    I am very disappointed with this car seat. I bought it mainly because I was looking for a car seat that didn't use brominated or chlorinated flame retardants, and I also liked that it is rear-facing up to 50 lbs. But that's where the pros stop and the cons begin. First of all, my baby almost always naps in the car, but no matter how much we tried to recline this car seat (to the point where my knees are practically touching the dash in our large SUV) his head still slumps forward and he's so uncomfortable that he wakes up almost immediately. Secondly, but this is actually my biggest complaint, is that the harness straps are designed so poorly they cut into the side of his neck! They almost always leave red marks, even though we're extremely careful when we tighten the straps to do it very slowly and make sure they aren't cutting into him, but the last time we buckled him in he cried out because it pinched his neck and hurt him and left a bruise. This is unacceptable and a terrible design flaw and I'm angry my child was hurt, especially considering I'm paying a premium for this style of car seat that touts its high quality and superior design. The seat is also very hard. I had read reviews that it wasn't cushiony, but I was extremely surprised at how little padding it actually has. The material on the seat is also a rough texture, and my son gets very sweaty in it for some reason. His infant car seat was a Maxi Cosi and he loved being in it, but he isn't content in the Clek Fllo at all.

  • Alicia Lopez - My kids love it

    My 2 & 3 years old kids loved it. Easy short book to read. Good pictures. Would like more like this.

  • tls78754 - There may be better fitting ones for the price

    If I could get these to fit in my ear better they would be great and I would give them a four. They dont stay in place so I cant hear as well as I can when I first put them in my ears. as I use them while on the treadmill I need them to stay in place better.

  • sunny - really good

    This is my first pregnancy and I've been using this cream almost every night since I started to show . I'm now 27 weeks and so far NO STRETCH MARKS!