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Liver Specialty Center - Liver Specialty Center - Liver Specialty Center has specific expertise in your Liver problem. We are committed to working with you for a good treatment response to your liver disease. We are a premiere treatment site for hepatitis B and C, expert care for all liver diseases.

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  • Johnny D. Sequeira - Eats too much ram memory!!

    I installed on my Windows 7 ultimate and everything went fine until I ran a full system scan .......after two days this antivirus kept being stuck at 80% of the scan and the worst was it was using 99% of the pc's ram memory, I had to cancel the task. I went and bought Avira Pro and this one is working perfectly without any issues.

  • Foothill Ranch 14 - My hair doesn't fall out anymore!

    I love it! For a while, my hair kept falling out. I hated it, it got all over the place. Not anymore! I can't recommend this product enough!

  • B. F. Ebert - Internet Safety

    Norton Anti Virus software rates at or near the top of all the anti virus packages. Working both on Apple and Window based machines makes it even a greater value for us that have homes with mixed machines. That, with the capability of using the software on multiple machines makes it the number one choice for me.

  • A. Hall - Easy to read, very informative

    I have a nack for learning computer programs and decided I wanted to master Excel. I purchased this book and it has been the best decision of my young professional life.

  • Mr Josh - Good premise, poor execution.

    It was OK. I guess it can't really hold a candle to the first one because the original was so epic. I think the premise that more of the species would return for revenge or to finish the job is great. I just think it was poorly executed. While it was great to see the few returning character, there wasn't any development of the new characters so you just don't care about them like you did for the people in the first film. I think this could have been so much better.

  • Thomas Holt - Burning your money would be more fun!

    This release of NetObjects Fusion can be summarised by the fact that the "documentation", clearly adapted in a garage in Mumbai from previous versions, proudly welcomes you to "Corel Web Site Creator"! If you think this mind-numbing incompetence is limited to the documentation, take a look at the litany of complaints from dozens of unfortunate purchasers pleading for help on the NetObjects Forum - there is no official help, or any form of customer service, readily available from the company itself. I bought the software a few months ago and, following a fatal disk crash, lost my carefully saved copy of the install file - together with everything else on the disk. I had to pay $22 for the privelege of re-downloading it to a new computer. Not surprisingly, as a user for over 10 years, I am less than impressed. In fact, the more I fight with this release of what used to be a great package, the more I am inclined to find alternative software that actually does what it says it will do. To be honest, the only thing that keeps this sloppy version of NetObjects alive is the dedication of a few old hands who provide support free of charge on the forum. To charge for what is little more than a bug-fix to the previous version, which was in turn hardly an improvement on the last quite good version of the package - version 11 - is simply the road to ruin.

  • Ron Eaton - If you want to boost your hearing, these are the cheapest and best in the category. Don't waste your time buying anything else.

    I find these hearing devices to be more useful and convenient than the $8,000. hearing aid the VA gave me. Their hearing device used batteries that needed to be replaced constantly. I needed to place them over both ears and it was akward to use. Only problem is my dogs think it is food, so try not to leave them out unprotected. They will wear out eventually, so make sure you order backups.