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  • Jeanni Gould - A Life-saver

    Nature's Miracle works. It's that simple and that great. In addition to puppy training time, I had a dog with bladder cancer. As she began having accidents, I stocked up on Nature's Miracle and was essentially stress free about the carpet.

  • Taylor peterson - Great athletic performance!

    Let me start off and say, if you are an active athlete and are used to athletic conditioning and exercise, this pill will not "make you sick" or "give you headaches" like what people are saying, I am 19 years old and I play college baseball, I had a 15% body fat percentage and wanted that to drop down a little better, after a month of using i am now at 11% body fat and have a much stronger endurance, do not take more than 2 pills once a day for the first week, your first two days I recommend taking one pill right after breakfast then on the third day through your seventh take one in the morning and one an hour before you workout, then on your second week after breakfast take two pills then before your workout take two more, make sure you stick to a good workout plan, this isn't a magic pill, you have to work for your body, but the pill makes you want to do so! Please be safe and don't exceed more than 4 pills a day, consume lots of water, and stick to a healthy eating lifestyle.

  • ALEXCIA W - Great buy

    I was very impressed with the fact that it actually works #1. The phone call quality is great my family and friends could hear me nice and clear. While listening to the music it is clear enough but it could be a tab bit better. Overall say it is the best thing to buy if u dont have an auxiliary port or bluetooth on ur current car radio. My teenager loves it!

  • joeb - Too much wax

    The soap and wax combination did a very nice job cleaning the car, both metal and plastic parts. However if you don't wipe off the windows it left a spotty residue that I found difficult to remove. I assume it was the wax. This product didn't work for me. I'll go back to just soap with no wax, and wax it myself with a liquid spray.

  • ASAD HAFEEZ - but if you are great at avoiding distractions during your personal study time

    May not be as effective as in-class or personal tutor study, but if you are great at avoiding distractions during your personal study time, and are willing to put forth your time and effort towards reading the guide in detail, this one is for you. It's also the cheapest method guaranteed to help earn a higher score. Be sure to take advantage of the two practice tests included.