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Lice Squad - Head Lice Treatment & Removal Products and Services - Lice Squad offers in-home & in-clinic lice removal services across Canada. Book an appointment online or find the nearest clinic and get lice free.

  • Lice Squad Canada Head Lice Treatment Clinic Locations - Looking for a Lice Squad clinic near you. We have Lice Clinics across Canada. Franchises available. All our lice removal products are available online.
  • Head Lice Removal Services and Products - There’s a lice removal best practice. It’s called “reduction combing” where a premium lice removal comb is used in a methodical way...
  • Head lice and nit removal | Book Now | Rates - Our goal is to remove all lice and lice eggs that we can find during our visit. View our rates and hours of operations. Find a clinic in your area and book now.
  • Lice Squad | Lice Clinics | Lice Removal - Introducing the LS Clinics. A private, safe and professional place to have your families lice issues solved. Providing head checks and lice removal...
  • Why choose our in home lice and nit removal service? - Head lice are a common affliction affecting millions of North Americans each year. Our in home service can help resolve all your head lice needs.
  • Head Lice Parties with Lice Squad Canada | Lice Removal - Lice parties are a great new way to get rid of head lice. Embarrassed about what to do next, call your Lice Squad and book your Lice Party Package.
  • Lice Screening and Removal for schools, camps and daycare - Lice Squad provides head lice screening and removal for schools, camps, and daycare facilities.Our Check Ahead program can discreetly manage the entire process. Call for a quote today.
  • Testimonials of Lice Squads's successful lice removal - Lice Squad's testimonials speak to the quality and care we bring to every lice removal product and service we offer. Call or order online and be free from lice.
  • Lice Squad | Lice Products Purchase Online Today! - Lice Squad head lice identification and head lice removal products and services. All natural head lice eradication. Home of the Louse Buster.
  • Head Lice Products - Retail Outlets and Partners | Canada - Lice Squad products are available at many local and national retail outlets. For more information contact a local retailer to see if they have product in stock.
  • Lice Squad Wholesale Lice Removal Products Contact Form - Please contact us directly for wholesale pricing on head lice removal products and one of our Lice Squad team will be happy to assist you.
  • Lice Squad Canada's AirAllé Lice Removal Products - Lice Squad Canada Inc. has been granted exclusive Canadian distribution of this innovative. For information about the AirAlle lice removal products, contact us today.
  • Headlice and lice removal benefits/uses - Kleen Green is a unique organic blend of enzymes specifically designed to assist in removing and eliminating dirt, germs and odors naturally!
  • Lice Squad Canada's Lice and Nit Product Information - Product information on our full line of Lice Squad lice removal products. Our products are Non Toxic, Eco Friendly and Kids Safe. Order online or call today.
  • Lice Squad | Lice Removal Franchise Opportunities - Join the Lice Squad family today. Start your own Lice Squad Franchise and watch your business grow. We are a business you can stand behind with confidence.
  • Lice Squad Franchising offers a Rewarding Lifestyle - Lice Squad Canada Franchise's offer owners a rewarding lifestyle. Our team of Lice Lady's has the systems, support, training, and guidance to help you succeed.
  • Lice Squad Canada | Lice Removal | Franchise Testimonials - Lice Squad Canada's team of lice removal experts share their franchise testimonials and experience as part of the Lice Squad family. Join a winning team today.
  • Top 10 Franchisee FAQs for a lice removal franchise. - Top 10 Frequently asked questions or FAQ's about joining the Lice Squad franchise and lice removal. Become a part of the award winning Lice Squad family today.
  • Lice Squad Canada's Company and Franchise History - Lice Squad Canada has a proud history of dedication, expert care and service. Our award winning franchise opportunities are right for you. Call today.
  • Lice Squad Canada Press Articles, Features and Media - To date Lice Squad Canada has been featured in many magazines, newspapers and in media coverage. See our history of press releases and stay to date on new news.
  • Request information on Lice Squad Franchise Oppurtunites - Thank you for your interest in Lice Squad Canada. To learn more about our franchise opportunities, please complete this request information form. Thank you.
  • Apply today for a Lice Squad Canada Franchise Oppurtunity - Apply today for your Lice Squad Franchise. Our franchise system is growing and we have opportunities for qualified individuals to join our team across Canada.
  • Lice Squad's Franchise Program for Canadian Forces Veterans - As a member of the Canadian Franchise Association, and partner the Department of National Defense, Lice Squad takes pride in our CFA Military Veterans Program.

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