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Pharmacy in John Day, OR - Len's Drug - Len's Drug is a local pharmacy in John Day here to serve all of you and your family’s health needs.

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  • Scarlett Williams - Love Georgie!!

    Ahhhmazing. I love Georgie. She is my soul sister. And I want to leave for Italy immediately. I love all Rachel's books so it was no surprise that I read this beauty in one sitting. She makes good characters that you feel like you know and so you love to root for them! And the humor had me cracking up all night long!

  • totallyfrozen - Noticeably effective!

    I live in the Houston, TX area (i.e. subtropical climate). My garage is what you'd call "unfinished" meaning, no dry wall, etc. it's a work space; not an extra room. So it's not sealed from the outside climate. My garage gets very hot and damp. I'm pretty meticulous about taking care of my stuff so I clean my tools (and oil them if necessary) before I put them away. Still, I started noticing my tools rusting and some rather "earthy" smells in the garage. I had learned out DampRid from a family member who used it in an RV so I thought I'd try it. Honestly, given the size of my garage and the fact that outside air blows in, I didn't expect much benefit. After the first night in use, I went into the garage and could FEEL the difference. It's not as effective as a dehumidifier but it doesn't cost $300 either. So far, I'm happy.

  • Amazon Customer - So much fun!

    I love all things Harry Potter, so this is a very biased review. I couldn't hate on this book if I tried. But there are a ton of fun and super cute recipes. You can even make a "classy" HP party for adults (I did and it was a HUGE success).

  • Mark Suhovecky - Worjs just fine

    I found this very easy to use, and it came with all The connectors/cables I needed. I use it in my car, plugged into the aux Jack, to wirelessly stream tunes from my Android phone. I like that I can charge it while it's In use.

  • Bissell Amateur - Great in Many Ways

    I went to buy the Bissell Steam and Sweep today after reading the reviews posted on the site. Right now Target is offering a $20 giftcard with the purchase of this Bissell, so that certainly sweetened the pot! The Bissell was easy to assemble, which is so important for a single mom! The clean that my hardwood and kitchen linoleum floors got was so great I'm still in awe! Also, the cord was long enough to fit throughout my approx. 1100sf first floor, so I didn't have to keep unplugging and replugging the thing. But, to me, the best part is that it isn't too noisy. Up til now I've used vaccuum cleaners that are SO loud that my young daughter will cry and get scared and/or frantic to the point where I'll either clean less often or just be in a panic to finish each time I start. Using this Bissell Steam and Sweep didn't bother her at all, which will make cleaning more enjoyable for us all. Great in many ways!!