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Lemon Myrtle Essentials | Certified Organic Bodycare | Molluscum natural remedy - Lemon Myrtle Essentials are known for their calming and uplifting properties. Try a Natural Body Lotion or Lip Balm within our Organic Body Care products to start enjoying the benefits of that clean, clear lemon scent!

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  • D. Austin - Lots and Lots of Information

    I learned a lot and was able to take this information to compare to other sources. I was able to tie things together that others haven't yet seen. Some of the information seems to be irrelevant but it all comes together in the end.

  • dmann103 - Works for me

    I have used Cell Food off and on for several years and I need to put my two cents in. I will tell you this much for sure. When I started taking it, my feet stopped stinking. Before, you could smell my shoes a few feet away. After a few days on Cell Food, the smell went away completely and my shoes smelled new again. I recommended it to a friend and he found exactly the same results. There are a few other things it works well with. If you start getting a cold or flu, take Cell Food to accelerate recovery. It is also true you will sleep deeper and longer. Put it on fresh cuts to prevent infection(it will burn intensely). If you have sore, pulled muscles, it will alleviate the pain from that because it removes the acid build up caused by the sore muscles which in turn alleviates the pressure/pain. These are all ways in which I personally have found Cell Food has worked. I wonder if the majority of skeptics of this product are paid for that? Really, what kind of jerk gets on these review boards just to give this negative reviews? They obviously haven't used it or are negative people with incorrect expectations. I know the impulse is to feel this is some gimmick miracle cure-all hence too good to be true, but it at least does the things I have mentioned. In fact, I base my opinion on this product solely on the proof of results. I started using it not expecting any of the things I had heard, but just to see how it really works, and I have been pleased. The only negative thing about it is it will destroy your clothes. I used to carry it in my jeans pocket and it burned a hole right through the jean pocket it was in plus it ate through that area on my boxer shorts and jeans. I used to preach this stuff but because people became too skeptical, I gave up. It's their loss.

  • Book lover - Best book ever

    I as m a pre teen and would suggest this book to teens or really 9-14 it's a great action book and it has a happy ending I just wish it was longer than 20 chapters but you will know what I mean when you read the book:)

  • Amazon Customer - Awesome materials

    I ordered these bundles last week and just got all today. Great condition with no mark at all! I found these materials really helful for the test review. Highly recommend!!!

  • denise veal - which is nice. But they seem to lack support as other ...

    These shoes are lightweight, which is nice. But they seem to lack support as other people have mentioned. I got them cause my legs and feet were so sore after a day of walking for work. Since I've been using them, no sore legs but I do have sore feet. I've put dr. Scholls inserts in them, but I think I have to get something with a bit more arch support. So, all that being said, these are decent shoes. Just be forewarned, that if you have problematic feet and legs, these might not be the shoes for you. And, if you do get them, be prepared to spend more on arch supports for them.

  • Alan R - revajr

    great product. I`ve owned a hand held for 30 years. Haven`t used this bar clamp sharpener yet, but i`m sure it will be as good as the old one.

  • A. Harris - Loved It!

    We used the island at a lake, oars helped us move it around in the water and we did anchored it to keep it in one place. My teeage boys had a blast and the adults enjoyed it as well. The only thing we had trouble with was getting back on the island while it was in the deeper water but even that caused more than a few laughs! The materials are heavy duty and constructed well. It is easy to inflate and deflate (actually fit back in the original box). We are happy with the purchase.