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  • T-Russ - Had concerns. Ordered anyway. Received. Satisfied. (Saved money.) Happy.

    Hit a curb. Lost a hubcap. I read several Amazon reviews, and two things emerged from them: 1. There's no Toyota logo. 2. They're thin and perhaps flimsy.

  • Dahlia F. Torres - totally worth it!!!

    it prevents u from over eating.....and the rasberry vanilla tastes like ice cream...soooooooo good.....i lost 15 lbs in a month!!

  • Mike P - Great patch!

    Bought this to make a special all-star Buster Posey jersey. The patch itself is well crafted and is the exact one the players were wearing during the 2012 All-star game. A great patch!

  • Isaac - A LED-lit 1440p IPS 25" monitor that's solid and less expensive than most

    Forewarning that I don't have that much experience or expertise with monitors besides the crammed research I did over the last week. But I had an Asus MX279H for a few days, which I hear is an amazing monitor with great picture quality from a reliable company, so at least I have a relative point of comparison.

  • Deidre Lin - Great book for people just starting out ...

    I've been oil pulling for years off and on. When I first started out, there were no books on the market to guide and help with this remedy. This book bridges that gap and very successfully.

  • Rebekkah Steinbuck - Disappointing Set Up

    We purchased 2 LeapPads for our daughters for Christmas and they are not able to use the full ability of the tablet due to inability of the LeapPad to communicate with our computers. I have contacted customer support several times and I am still trying to fix the problem. I was recently told that we may have 2 faulty LeapPads and may have to return them and try new ones. I have spent at least 6 hours trying to get these to work to no avail. I am very disappointed to have such difficulties from a leapfrog product.

  • M. Cumba Jr. - My kids LOVE Pediasure. They drink it every day as a ...

    My kids LOVE Pediasure. They drink it every day as a treat, even though it's actually good for them. They think it's a milkshake! Great source of nutrients they may not get throughout the day and my pediatrician continues to support the findings with great health reports.