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Lincoln County HealthCare - With campuses in the coastal communities of Boothbay Harbor and Damariscotta, Maine, LincolnHealth is a full-service health care system with more than 1200 full and part-time employees. We are a full member of MaineHealth, the largest integrated health system in Maine.

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  • RMartin - Does exactly what it claims to but...

    Rust-Oleum's Neverwet does exactly what it claims to but with one caveat. I've yet to actually find a real use for it. One thing I tried it on is an electrical meter that stays outside all of the time, but is not waterproof. I don't know why they didn't make it waterproof since it's designed for an outside application but whatever. I followed the directions and everything went perfectly. The problem is now I can't see through the Neverwet to see what the reading on the meter is. Okay, it's useless for that application. So next I tried it on my workboots. Just like the other reviewers, it went on and did everything it's supposed to. If I sprayed water on the boots, the water was repelled. Great! They're black boots, brand new and the Neverwet turned them blue. I can live with that. Next I tried actually working with the boots on. I went outside one morning to cut my grass. It was a particularly dewey morning so the grass was soaked with water. At first the boots repelled the water. Then after about 1/2 hour of grass trimming with a weedeater, I looked at the boots. The Neverwet was coming off of the boots due to the abrasion of the grass. I would have to say that Neverwet's durability rating is a 1 on a scale of 1 to 100. I have a couple of half used cans of Neverwet here if anybody is interested. Maybe you can find a practical use for it.

  • Willy T - Runs very hot that you can't touch the battery. ...

    Runs very hot that you can't touch the battery. I have to use napkin folded twice just to take it out of the battery compartment. the labels of the batteries shrink from the heat. I have 4 chargers, one is ps3 rayovac universal charger. Not one of my chargers do this to my batteries. I have to return mine at target.

  • Jeremy Ray Davis - Antenna looks great!! Just as described

    Antenna looks great!! Just as described. Did give up some signal strength by going to a smaller antenna but this only effective the smaller radio stations. This is to be expected. Major stations still get clear signal.

  • Harmonious Avenger - Ugly as Sin but Works

    First the good: Studio 2012 runs WAY faster than 2010 (which I found unusable). Also, like 2010 you can put editor windows out of the main frame which is a huge productivity boost for large projects.

  • mwill48 - ABSOLUTELY WORKS

    I had tried smaller bottles of this before. It absolutely does what it is made to do -- BOOST the follicles of the hair. I had some thinning around the edges of my hairline and after about a month or so . . . POOF!!! It worked!! If skeptical, don't be . . . it absolutely does what it is created to do. I ordered the large size because there is not much product in the smaller bottles. The larger size gives you more for the money. Give it a try!

  • Janean Draft - Great buy!

    Love this phone! The sound clarity is fantastic on calls & music, very user friendly and easy to learn.