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K. R. Hospital Care, Ahmedabad - Exporter of Anti Cancer Medicines and Anticancer Drugs - Exporter of Anti Cancer Medicines, Anticancer Drugs & Anti HIV Drugs offered by K. R. Hospital Care from Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

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  • sheri clark - Helpful information

    Especially liked that they graphed not just the average accepted GPAs and MCATs, but also the range. Contains a lot of information I havent even had time to peruse yet

  • Donald J Drexler - Stub Antenna

    The stub antenna that I purchased was what I expected and works and looks great on my 2012 jeep rubicon. Delivery was very fast considering that I am in Germany. Very good product.

  • Dennis - Completely happy with the program

    The key is to ALWAYS call McAfee tech support and let them take over the control of your computer and have them properly install this type of software. It seems that only they know how to remove ALL trace elements of pre-existing anti virus software that may exist on your computer which can cause big headaches down the line if they are not all completely removed. I once had to do a complete system restore over a software install. After that I started calling the makers tech support people and talking them into (for free), installing the software for me. This is a great anti virus program or it seems to work well for me. No slowing down of my computer when it updates or any other negative issues. Also warns you away from potential harmful sites if you weren't on guard anyway. Good product and a great price by buying simply the product key card.

  • bluebabymojo - Her interview and photos were wonderful! And I also found many other great articles ...

    Bought an issue because Angelina Jolie was on the cover. Her interview and photos were wonderful! And I also found many other great articles and features.

  • JMSpear - PERFECT

    A friend of mine had this table seat, and I thought "what a darling idea!" I went to amazon and looked at all the various products and many reviews. This particular seat had NO zero-star reviews. It didn't have any of the other complaints the other travel chairs did (got caught on table, not enough space for larger tables or tables with lips/curtains). I have used it so many, many times at various places- fast food restaurants, dining restaurants, my own house- with no problems. Every time I use it I get compliments on what a great item it is. It's so much nicer than dealing with the hassle of a restaurant high chair. It's almost always big, bulky and dirty. In my daughter's case she is so small the restaurant high chair does very little to help her sit at the table. This allows her to sit with all of us and eat like a normal person. Really can't say enough good things about this product!

  • Ally - Replacement seat pads offered through other websites! Great seat.

    So we've had this seat for several months now and am still loving it! I have a Toyota Solara which is a two door, we have the seat rear facing in the middle on the 3rd reclining option. It does not cause a problem with the two seats in the front nor does it obstruct there headrests movement in the event of a crash. This seat has been a dream to install with the fact that the pad pulls up easy for clear proper installation. There is more than enough padding to keep your child comfortable and safe in the event of a crash and extended trips. With that said the pad can easily be removed without uninstalling the seat I personally use woolite to prevent further deterioration and hang dry. My daughter is 3 and is potty trained but refuses to wear a pull up, and I've tried countless piddle pads which were useless forcing her to sit in a wet seat. I however did find on Bed Bath and Beyond, that replacement seat pads for the Maxi Cosi 70 are on their website for purchase.