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Knowledgespeak - an online intelligence service for the STM information industry - Knowledgespeak is an online news service for the STM publishing community. The service also offers executive interviews, news blogs and an events calendar. Subscribers can also use the Kstore platform to host virtual storefront, advertise job vacancies and post tenders.

  • Knowledgespeak - Forum section: a discussion platform for exchanging information and ideas - The Knowledgespeak Forum section allows users to exchange information and ideas on different issues pertaining to the industry.
  • STM publishing industry resources - The Knowledgespeak resource center offers latest whitepapers, articles and executive presentations from Scientific Technical Medical (STM) publishers.
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  • wicky - Makes a good daily journal

    I have purchased this appointment book every year for 5 years. This is a quality product and is great for keeping up with all my appointments on a monthly or daily basis. I use it for a daily prayer journal and it helps to look back and see where prayers have been answered and the things I need to continue to pray for.

  • Jared Palmer - Good information in places

    Good information in places, but a lot of inaccuracies. I have used Lonely Planet before, but I would highly recommend another guidebook to supplement if you are focused on outdoor adventures more than high priced hotels/guest houses and restaurants.

  • Nick D. - A great pair of VR glasses for a great price

    If there was one thing I'd want to make immediately clear in my review, it's that if you're considering using your smartphone for VR, you should buy this pair of glasses. Here's why: