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Kestrel Ophthalmics | Seeing in the Future - We enable the ophthalmic community to deliver successful patient outcomes with our innovative product portfolio and insightful, specialist knowledge.

  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Cataract - With the increase in standard surgery and complex cataract surgery the modern day ophthalmologist needs to ensure that he/she partners with an innovator an
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Keratoconus - Kestrel Ophthalmics have been at the forefront of innovation and education for the past 10 years when it comes to development of cornea surgery and associa
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Oculoplastic - The oculoplastic speciality deals with a wide variety of surgical procedures and interventions that involves the orbit (eye socket), eyelids, tear ducts an
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Refractive - Refractive surgery has developed from its early beginnings in the late 80’s to becoming recognised as a leading alternative to spectacles and contact lense
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Retinal - Since the last century, vitrectomy has become a more and more important field in ophthalmic surgery and the techniques have considerably improved. Due to
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Aniridia - Kestrel Ophthalmics are pleased to be the sole UK & Ireland distributor in regards to the most innovative and up to date, bespoke solution for the tre
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Glaucoma - Since the introduction of Ologen Collagen Matrix into the UK by Kestrel Ophthalmics, Kestrel have strived to develop an innovative and dedicated glaucoma p
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Dry Eye - Kestrel Ophthalmics is one of the leading dry eye specialists in the UK. The Oasis range of the Form Fit, one size fits all, Soft Plug silicone and the S/A
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Aspira - Aspira IOL’s are manufactured from excellent homogeneous, clinically well approved acrylic material of highest transparency. Human Optics have been manufac
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Diffractiva - See the DIFFerence The Diffractive range of IOL’s from Human Optics are all made with proven diffractive principles in mind. Offering capsular bag in two
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Secura - Secura are manufactured from high quality third generation silicone material. All of our silicone IOL’s are made in 3 pieces, a high quality silicone optic
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Torica - The Human Optics Torica IOL was the first to enter the UK market. Designed with undulating haptics to offer superb rotational stability, the Torica range h
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | ViscoShield - ViscoShield is a dispersive HPMC viscoelastic composed of a sterile, high molecular weight, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose solution for use in anterior segm
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Phaco Repair - Kestrel Ophthalmics are pleased to offer a full and comprehensive phaco handpiece repair service for all major manufacturers of phaco machines within the m
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | QUBE - Anterior Chamber - QUBE ® - THE ANTERIOR CHAMBER SPECIALIST Qube ® is a phaco, which is specifically designed for the daily demands in cataract surgery. The unit was particu
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Qube Pro - Anterior and Posterior Segment Surgery - Qube ® Pro The pioneering operation system - specially designed for the front and back of the eye. PRODUCT FEATURES intuitive graphical user interface 12
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Artificial Iris - Full or partial aniridia may be caused by congenital defects, trauma or diseases. The iris does not only give our eyes their colour and thus our personal a
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Flow Control Plug - This plug has a small hole through its center, designed to help flow of tear in cases of stenosis. 2 plugs per box Preloaded on inserter Silicone For parti
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Form Fit Punctum Plug - One Size, One Solution Form Fit is truly a one size plug solution. Once inserted into the canaliculus, Form Fit hydrates over a 10 minute period. As it hyd
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | SA (Synthetic Absorbable) - The SA plug is designed to last for up to 3 months, during which time it gradually dissolves. Designed for cases of transient dry eye, this plug is also a
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Soft Plug Silicone - Soft Plug Silicone plugs feature a softer more flexible silicone that maximizes patient comfort. Made from a soft silicone, this plug comes in 5 sizes in b
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Intacs Corneal Implants - A NICE and FDA approved option for keratoconus delaying the need and sometimes avoiding the need for corneal transplant. Keratoconus is a progressive eye d
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Intacs XL – Cross Linking System - September the 25th 2013 - NICE have approved the use of the epithelium off CXL procedure. Corneal Collagen Cross-linking or Intacs® XL consists of placing
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Molteno3 - The new Molteno3® design is based on the tube and plate principle and is proven to be the most effective treatment for severe and complex cases of glaucoma
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Ologen Collagen Matrix - Ologen™ prevents scar formation and provides a dynamic and physiological reservoir system to restore functionality, creating a mature tissue structure. Olo
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Disposable Knives - Premier Edge Safety scalpels are designed for ultimate safety and efficiency. The transparent safety guard slides fully over the scalpel when not in use, a
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | General Cannulas - Diagram Model Product Quantity Per Box 4001 Anterior Chamber Cannula 30g x 7/8" 6mm Angled 10 4001A Anterior Chamber Cannula 25g x 7/8" 6mm Angled 10 4001A
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Iris Expander - The OASIS® Iris Expander is available in 6.25mm and 7.0 mm diameters. It is a polypropylene ring that expands and maintains access and visibility througho
  • Kestrel Ophthalmics | Iris Hooks - To temporarily stretch and retain the iris during surgery Flexible blue polypropylene hooks for better visibility Flat silicone stopper adjusts easily to s

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    I had started going back to work, but still really wanted to strictly feed my baby breastmilk. My supply lowered significantly after being back at work for a month, so I decided to try this before caving and buying formula. It seemed to help just enough! The taste is a little funky, but I add it to smoothies and it tastes great.

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    I have had Avast security for over 5 years now and have been very happy with it. Its very quick to let me know if something in my email or even on facebook that I click on is not a safe site or has a virus or other bug attached to it. Due to this I have not had any bad events happen to my computer. The price is great, I paid $69 one time for up to 3 computers in my household for 3 years and this is the upgraded security for when you use the internet to shop or bank. I also love the fact that they have Avast safe zone to go to when you are on a bank or credit card website. If you go to that site without going to safe zone first, they quickly recommend that you switch to safe zone before continuing into your account. I highly recommend that people use avast as an internet security program. I have recommended it to many friends and relatives who have also been happy with it.