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K4DD - The goal of the K4DD project is to improve our understanding of how potential drugs bind with their target, and develop methods and tools to allow researchers to study drug-target interactions with greater ease.

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  • ACGUINN - Good multivitamin. The pills are fairly small so they ...

    Good multivitamin. The pills are fairly small so they go down pretty easy compared to some I've taken before. I also like the vitamin profile, good amounts of the essentials, plus some extras. I also like how every ingredient(barring the "Phyto Nutrient Complex") is transparent in dosage amounts. With that being said, even the phyto nutrient complex has what looks like some good ingredients for health maintenance, if they are does correctly.

  • Devyniti - Allergic Reaction & Super Stinky!

    I wish I could have tried it longer but when I put it on, it caused my skin to feel a burning sensation. I thought maybe it was a combination of products that I may have been applying but it wasn't because I tried it for several times after that with nothing else and all resulted with the same burning. Not only that, this formula is the stinkiest product I've ever encountered and it makes me think that it's full of chemicals. Definitely only use it before bed because this will turn folks away.

  • Amazon Customer - OK but blue back light failed quickly

    Easy to install and looks clean on the dash of my Wrangler. The switch is illuminated with blue light and looks great...for a short while. The blue back light stopped working within about 9 days.

  • Amazon Customer - Saved us

    The first year we moved into our house we had a HUGE problem with boxelder bugs, EVERYWHERE!!! We have a white house that faces the sun for the better part of the day. We tried everything to get rid of them, they were getting into our house and it was gross. So the following year when they started to appear again we took drastic measures. We read some reviews about this stuff working for it and thought wed give it a shot. We took every precaution with it. didnt let the dogs out for double the time they said and didnt let the kids out to play till the next day. And it worked, we maybe saw 1 or 2 boxelder bugs the entire year last year. It worked wonders.

  • Happy granny - Delicious salsa

    Pace salsa is a staple in my house! I use it for so dips and snacks! If you've never tried it, you need to! Delicious!!!