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John R. Jordan, PhD - John R. Jordan, PdD, Clinical Psychologist specializing in grief, bereavement, survivors of suicide. Author, lecturer, workshop facilitator.

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  • Mary Rucker - Mouth Wash

    I like using it, but it depends on the individuals. It is all based on preference. For example, some people like using Listerine and others do not. I would say the same for BreathRx. My dentist recommended I use BreathRx.

  • Federico - Excellent value/picture

    to start with the build quality is superb and dead easy to set up, though you will need a micro SD card (purchased separately) to install before you can operate the camera, the best thing about this gadget is that not only does it record forward but will also record in the car facing backwards at the same time with the option of split screen viewing, the viewing quality is better than HD that is a fact, there is no direct set up between the camera and the PC you have to put the SD card in a USB reader to view all listed recordings which is also very good and easy to operate.

  • BB&NEKO - I was truly astounded that it worked !

    I didn't expect it to work. A very benign substance. No smell, no heat. I thought "Well, that was a waste of money." But I gave it a chance, and applied it (no directions) to my ankle that has been increasingly painful for the last year, mainly in bed at night, from traumatic arthritis due to a 30 year old fracture. Maybe I'm just lucky, but it has worked for me. In fact, after no pain for the first week, I decided it must be a coincidence that it seemed to help, that I really didn't need it any more. Ankle pain. I got up and applied it. No ankle pain. Really. Unbelievable ! That was a few months ago. I only need it occasionally now. I still always expect it NOT to work, like so many of those cure-alls. But so far I've been pleasantly surprised.

  • Penny - H& R Block software download from amazon

    Doesn't work it want download correct. Want update because it want download correct because it is missing some program parts ins evtried everything it recommends but there is no refund. Because it is a download so it doesn't matter that it doesn't work. So I have just lost $20.00 I want do this ever again no more buying downloads I will buy disk only. So don't buy this unless you have money to throw away!!!!!