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Hiv, Hiv Treatments and drugs | - Great avenue to receive complete support on your battle with HIV. Know the best and the most cost-effective HIV treatments methods through

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  • Courtney~MustReadBooksOrDie - Can Georgie be my BFF?

    Shel: A Place in the Sun gave me a different look at what R.S. Grey can do. I've seen her characters work hard and crack me up and smolder on the page; this novel felt a little more melancholy..a little more tinged with seriousness. Don't worry--there are still many times (most, actually) where I laughed/snorted at the dialogue or the situation, but I think Georgie's desire to find her person..her love..really struck a chord. Court: It did. And once it finally occurred to me who Georgie is there is for sure a realization that she has a lot more going on in that head than she portrays to a lot of people. Deep down she loves so hard, and just wants to be loved like that in return. And to say that she picked an easy catch would mean you might not know Georgie very well!!

  • Buyer - The Best

    This is the best shaving cream out there. I bought another brand and just finished it and I have to go back to this company. I just hate that its so expensive but it's worth it.

  • bemused01 - Fits shockingly well in small car

    I was able to install this rear facing behind the front passenger seat in my 4-door Honda Civic on my own with little fuss. Had to use one rolled towel to achieve a level install with the seat in the recline level 2 position. I watched a video from The Car Seat Lady on YouTube to assist me with the best way to tighten the seat and I feel like the video really helped me with that. My husband and I are both tall and with a small car, front passenger space is a HUGE issue with us so I did a lot of research before I decided on this seat. Initially, I was surprised at how huge the car seat looked out of the box and was concerned about the width of the car seat and the narrow space between the headwings as I thought these things would impair his ability to turn and interact with his forward facing sister. However, the seat fits like a charm (giving us a couple inches more leg room in the front then our Chicco Keyfit 30 did) and after a couple weeks of use I have seen that it's no problem at all for him to lean forward and see her. He seems to be comfortable in his "big boy" car seat and looks very comfortable in it. It's also easier to get him in and out of then I thought it would be, the height of the car seat makes it so I don't have to bend down so low with him. The fabric is soft and feels more plush than any of the car seats we've had in the past, I have not washed it yet so I can't speak to how easy it will actually be to remove the cover and wash it but I love the fact that I CAN put it in the washer. Not sure why this seems to be an uncommon thing in car seats! The only con I have encountered so far is, as other reviewers have mentioned, that it is very tough to tighten the harness once the seat is installed rear facing but since that's not something I have to adjust on a daily basis, it's a con I believe I can live with.

  • GoodiesbyLexi - Healthy feeling skin

    My daughter used this product for two weeks, twice a day. It did an awesome job. Her skin was free of acne within three days of using this product. One other thing that she really liked was that her skin felt soft, clean and healthy. The part i enjoyed was it set a skin routine for her that she still follows now.

  • DemBones - 000 sqft but due to poor placement of the cable outlet for the modem (right ...

    Just purchased today. Our house is right around 4,000 sqft but due to poor placement of the cable outlet for the modem (right on the other side of the wall from the chimney), getting Wi-Fi signal to the entire upstairs was problematic. A range extender helped but was slow. We initially bought the top-of-the-line Nighthawk router thinking that would solve the problem but it made little difference in extending coverage. Returned it and got the Orbi which solved the problem.