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  • Virginia Bietenholz - Body Ecology

    I really like the basic principles in the book and plan to follow them as much as I can. Some of the suggestions get a little far out, though. I definitely think it is worth reading the book and just glean from it what you need.

  • TL Shopper - Time-tested solution to pet stains IF you use it correctly!

    We have been using Kids 'n' Pets for years with only great results. It works particularly well to remove pet stains (and the smell).

  • Dr. James M. Rajchel - Well documented with clear, concise instructions. I especially ...

    Well documented with clear, concise instructions. I especially being able to access the user's manual electonically, either alphabetically or with a search term. The appearence makes the music appear to be professionally printed. This is a VERY POWERFUL WELL-THOUGHT OUT PROGRAM.

  • Amazon surfer guy - Read it!

    The average person will learn a lot of how the drug companies are profiting at our expense and ruining our bodies at the same time. Using this info I found out that the pills I was taking were doing more harm than good and I really needed to do just the opposite and once I did I was fine shortly after which is something the pills the doctor prescribed hadn't done in a year. (Prilosec) I bought a big bottle of stomach acid pills with pepsin and relieved all my symptoms and didn't pay 20-40 bucks a month anymore to kill myself. Its a very enlightening book for anyone with acid reflux or chronic heartburn problems. The medical profession needs to read this and quit listening to the pharmacy companies that are raping the American public with pills and lies, and doing it knowingly!! Billions of dollars are spent to rid our bodies of stomach acid when its been proven 80% of those taking those pills have too little acid in the first place which is the problem and the pills exacerbate the problem with long term use as it did me. Plus the doctors don't tell you that long term use of Prilosec and other acid reducing pills can give you a disease of chronic diarrhea for which there is no cure but they will make a fortune treating you for!! Should be required reading in medical school! UPDATE; I have quit using acid reducers and haven't been bothered by heartburn or reflux in months. I don't even have to take the acid with pepsin anymore. Seems like my system has evened out and regulated itself now that I'm not confusing it with the acid reducers anymore. I bet your doctor never checked your stomach acid levels before prescribing acid reducers blindly as mine did.....he still hasn't because I took care of it myself with this book's help!!

  • Anne S - Heirloom quality ornament

    These Swarovski ornaments are just gorgeous! We bought one for each of our children as they were born. A beautiful keepsake to hand down from generation to generation.

  • M. Miri - Excellent PING bag

    This bag has it all... Plenty of room for the clubs thanks to the individual club slots that can carry up to 14 clubs. There is plenty of storage space and it even has a cooler pocket that keeps beverages and other items cool. You could even put Ice in the cooler pocket as it does have a drain hole so you aren't slushing around melted Ice. An Ice pack would be preferable though. There is also a pocket that has a soft velvety lining to store other items that should not be mixed with golf equipment.The entire bag is made of durable nylon. It also has 6 loops for tees and 2 pen/pencil holders on the outside. The bag also comes with a rain/travel hood that snaps on, but if you are going to check these on a plain, a travel case is recommended. This is definitely a cart bag and does not have legs so make sure that is what you want before you buy it. Otherwise get a stand bag.