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  • TechnoGrammie - Great charger but....

    I bought 2 of these to use with the Samsung Galaxy S7 that my son and I had just purchased and both work perfectly. I have a thin TPU case (Obliq) and this item charges great through the case. My son ordered a more rugged case that is being returned because it did NOT work withwith this charger. Bottom line is that this product is attractive and worksworks perfectly as long as you don't have a tcase case on your phone.

  • Mandy - Genuine Hip-hop

    J.Cole delivered a fantastic album once again. I was in complete tears when I heard the first 3 songs, because I get him and we can all relate to topics and issues he speaks on. I really hate to sound cliche, but he really is the 2pac of this new generation. His music heals us and it makes us think more abstract in this one dimensional world were living in. Thanks J.Cole!

  • Siguiriya - A Thousand and One Uses!

    Never pay for another bikini wax. Mixed with water and applied as a paste, uranium removes unwanted body hair in two days. Left on longer, it also removes unwanted skin, muscle, and bone. Mixed in food it also removes unwanted spouses. Buy a can today and discover what uranium can do for you!

  • Leo Lauchie - Got some time to kill? Billions die here.

    I enjoyed the book until near the end. But I choose not to believe that love, in and of itself, could fuel such evil, in a human. for a penny, in for a pound. I had suspended my disbelief over so many smaller things, I swallowed the biggie without chocking. The most human of characters from this author, I think. Just enjoyable reading for your spare time.

  • Bioxena - Great Idea! A bit of a Flaw in the strap design.

    There are many aspects of the Moov NOW that I really liked. While it doesn't really track steps, I wasn't really expecting it to. It tracks activity. I like the idea that you can receive feedback during the activity and that it acts as a personal coach.

  • Jenna Hancock - Does the job

    The adaptor was very easy to attach to the BOB. I feel it securely fastens my babies infant carrier to the stroller, so that I felt comfortable jogging no matter how bumpy the trail was. No complaints here.