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Iranian Journal of Aquatic Animal Health - Iranian Journal of Aquatic Animal Health نشریه ایرانی سلامت حیوانات آبزی

Country:, Asia, IR

City: 51.4231 , Iran

  • C. Shand - Terrible

    I bought Roxio Creator 2009 only two years ago and I was happy with it. Just bought a new computer and found out that Creator 2009 is incompatible with Windows 7. Disappointing. I waited a few weeks for Creator 2011 to come out and bought it. I had no problem loading Roxio Creator 2011. It just wouldn't work once I installed it. VideoWave kept crashing. The program would shut down while encoding movies. When I would try to copy DVDs, I would get an error message saying my disc may be dirty. (The discs I was trying to copy were pristine). The online support forum suggested some fixes, but nothing worked. I returned the software and got my money back.

  • essee - It Works!

    I purchased my unit direct from Silk'n. I noticed hair loss after 3 treatments. I treat every other week, same day. You must shave the areas to be treated or it is much less effective. I also purchase and use numbing cream so that I can use it at a higher power.

  • k s 4 2 4 4 - Favorite Game Ever

    I thought that, as a novice guitar player, this would be a good tool for me to use because I cannot make time to get guitar lessons. Around here, lessons cost about $80 a month, and this game cost the same amount as one month of lessons. Even better, I get to play whenever I want.

  • DJRAMBO954 - I love this monitor!!!

    I really like this monitor. Text is razor-sharp, colors are accurate, and viewing angle is great. The IPS technology is clearly superior to TN panels. The only adjustment I made was to reduce the brightness -- otherwise, it was perfect right out of the box. The price was very reasonable for a high-quality IPS monitor, and I highly recommend it.

  • M Brislin - Card Set

    I received this as a gift and left it in its packaging. Great set that was bought for the year my son was born.