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ICARE PHARMACY – Pharmacy, Medications and Drugs in Bloomfield, New Jersey – Healthcare Supplies, Prescriptions, Compounding - ICARE PHARMACY is a drugstore located in Bloomfield, New Jersey that offers Specialty Medication, Compounding Services and Prescription Drugs.

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  • Truth Seeker - Norton 2013 Comes In Box That Says 2012!

    First of all I was initially disappointed when I received this product. I thought they sent me an outdated version. It didn't have 2013 printed anywhere on the box. It said "PC Magazine Editor's Choice Sept 7 2011 Norton Antivirus 2012" in the upper right hand corner. However, at the bottom of the box, there was a yellow sticker that said "NAV 2013". Customer Service just sent me a return label - but I decided to keep the product and give it a try.

  • Amazon Customer - returned item

    I returned the item. Though it was a nice pen, writing with it was very cumbersome. It just did not fell right in my hand.

  • Shawntanise S. - Love it, but gets dirty very quickly.

    This case is great for extra lighting in your selfies and I love the fact that the light it is adjustable. BUT, this case gets dirty VERY quickly and there's no real advice on how to clean it. I found out if you take extra strength nail polish remover and some cotton rounds it'll get the job done, but I feel like they should have some information on how to clean this case.

  • Mike D. - Better than Starbucks on day one

    I'm a newb when it comes to brewing espresso, frothing milk, "latte art", etc., but after just a little practice with this machine already I can produce better caramel and mocha lattes than any of the local Starbucks. No doubt this says more about the local Starbucks than it does about me or the machine...

  • L. Breezy - Stylish agenda

    Beautiful agenda, this is my second Lilly Pulitzer agenda and it is put together perfectly. I can manage my coursework and life with this. I only wish they would offer the limited edition version that is bound together again because I really like that as well. I love this agenda so much I feel it adds to my quality of life and makes planning enjoyable.

  • Amazon Customer - Your new best friend

    We are loving Cozmo, there are a few drawbacks, but the future is extremely bright. Lack of voice recognition was a big suprise, but I'm ok with it he has a huge personality. My daughter loves him. At three he is helping with boundaries and care, just as you would with a pet. I can't wait to see what the users come up with in the open source sdk. So many ideas with awesome help from the development team. Truly an unprecedented approach to development. A+

  • Jeff - Keep Your pc in order.

    Norton has been around since the days of Windows 5 and prob before that. They do a very good job of keeping your pc in order and most especially virus free. Few if any companys with 1 exception have the reputation that Norton does. A high rating. This item contains their most highly regarded programs in one package.