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Hydro Environmental Ltd. | Home | Flood risk assessment, Hydrological Engineering - Hydro Environmental Ltd. is a Galway based Hydrological consultancy firm providing specialist services in the area of hydrology, hydrogeology, hydraulics and coastal engineering.

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  • R. Ashby - File is corrupt and won't install Amazon of no help at all.

    When I try to install this I get a checksum error. Amazon is of absolutely no help at all and refers to Microsoft. I was finally able to download from Microsoft, but get the same error message. Still trying to get help from Microsoft. Really thought if I bought from Amazon they would be of at least some assistance or offer a refund.

  • Jeff Toplak - Truly wireless!

    I got these about a week ago. These work great. I saw people who have problems with them.. for me they work great together or single. I have had no problems. I love these. I love that they are truly wireless. They do look big in the ear however to have the truly wireless experience I will deal with that. And even in that case they aren't that big. I have absolutely no complaints with these. For the price and the truly wireless experience they are definitely worth it. And they come with a 1 year warrenty so if you do have a problem return them for a different pair.

  • Stephen Wise - Excellent Beginning to a Fantasy Trilogy

    Victor Gischler does it again with this very enjoyable first part of a fantasy trilogy. The characters feel contemporary in their thoughts, actions, and dialogue rather than being trapped in a period sensibility. But rather than being out of place, this helps the reader better connect to the characters. What makes this stand out from being another "Lord of the Rings" clone is the premise of the main character getting powers through magical tattoos. It's very inventive and cleverly drives the story. Gischler's typical gonzo style is more subdued here than in, let's say "Gestapo Mars", though it's still very adult in nature. Regardless, this novel is very accessible to the average reader, who should find it a fun read.