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  • Missy Mclendon - I get better definition from leave in conditioner

    It didn't do anything for my 3C curls. I get better definition from leave in conditioner. When I look at the ingredients, there is nothing that will really hold my hair, just a bunch of oils. I would not purchase again.

  • Stufflover - Don't listen to the bad reviews, here's why..................

    First off, this product arrived really quick and was very simple to set up. It took me about 15-20 minutes. Now I have read some of the reviews on amazon and some on other sites and decided to buy despite the fact that a lot of people said it was a waste. I am so very happy that I did NOT listen to the bad reviews. I have only had the Gazelle for two days and I will tell you that it WORKS!! There are a lot of people saying that it does not work, it does not make you sweat, there is no burn, waste of time and blah blah blah!!! Well, I have a theory about those people, these people are getting on the Gazelle and are just simply moving with the machine and are expecting a miracle. Buyers need to understand that you actually have to do your own resistance on this machine!! You have to move forward or backward, pulling or pushing on the handles. You have to bend your knees a tad while you are moving with the machine to get the burn in your legs, maybe hold in your stomach and do a twisting motion with your upper body! It's not that hard to just go with the flow and create it as you go! If you wanted resistance built in, then you should have bought a 500 dollar machine. And, to the people who may not want to get one now, I have no idea what you are anyone is expecting. A exercise machine is not supposed to be easy and fun,the sweat does not magically appear and the pounds don't just disappear while you have the time of your life on the Gazelle. I LOVE this machine, it's actually the best I had so far because I actually enjoy feeling the burn and I don't want to quit so fast! And this morning I woke up to sore legs. I had a good cardio workout yesterday on the Gazelle. I am getting the fan bike next for the same price, also on amazon!!!

  • OrthoPA - Finally...

    I've used dozens of shaving products over the past few years and I couldn't find one that I liked so did a ton of research before purchasing this product as well. I tried it out in the store and bought the travel pack. It worked so well that I decided to get the larger size.

  • Deborah Anaya - Life Saver

    I feel this book will save my life, having had PCOS since the birth of my daughter over 21 yrs ago but not diagnosed until 3 yrs ago, I finally found the book that gave me all the information I needed. It answered questions I have had for years and explained everything in a way that I can understand. I cant wait to try the menus and look forward to feeling better soon.I have tried extremely low fat diets but it became boring and soon was on my way back to my old eating habits, either no food at all or ice cream and cereals. The plan and information in this book lets me eat balanced meals and pretty much as much as you want untill your satisfied without gaining weight. Thank you

  • Rich 1 - Great scent

    I bought a bottle of this at a casino gift shop and liked the fragrance very much. It was exspensive. I looked on Amazon and found it for 1/2 the price so I bought another one when my first one was empty. Great product, great price from Amazon!

  • Pen Name - This stuff is great

    My tats heal up quick and well. This product, in my opinion is by far the best Tattoo lotion product available on the market

  • Harley 1820 - Definitely works your abs!

    Just got my simply fit board. I have the green board and it feels substantial. My husband is using it as well. It's too soon to say whether or not I'm losing inches but it does feel like a good workout and I'm starting in 15 minutes a day and will see how it goes. I mostly feel the work out in my legs and my abdominals. It's very portable and I hang it in the closet after I'm through with it which is very convenient and space saving.