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  • Laurie Baxter - zzzquil

    great product, my college age kids have occasional insomina when it gets really bad and they need to sleep for something important the next day they take zzzquil does the trick makes them relax and get some zzzzzs

  • RPBCC - Not nearly as bright as advertised.

    This is dimmer than a cheap Chinese brand I bought on Amazon that stated only 180 lumens. I don't see how it is possible this is 300 lumens. Not impressed at all with the brightness. Using brand new duracell quantum batteries.

  • Ernesto Perez - Anyone who wants to feel or re-feel the magic of "Miami Vice" can do no better than Phil Collins

    Drummer, vocalist, songwriter, one of the all-time bests. Anyone who wants to feel or re-feel the magic of "Miami Vice" can do no better than Phil Collins.

  • Steve - Where to start with this magnificent piece of engineering

    Notice the picture has no handle for the flow? Whomever assembled it probably could not figure how to attach it either, no matter set it and go without I suppose. Instructions would be nice other than insert long end, has a bolt on it, won't make the bend to come off and attach as I think it may suppose to. Two U-bolts hold it onto the rack, I don't know who has a set up that could utilize the four sent but that's not me or my Honda. So with weight of salt, it leans back but it will work. Started the motor, takes a couple times to actually start after turning the switch to on, will see how long it works. Given the opportunity, I would only recommend to someone so the can feel the feelings of disappointment with a purchase as I am at the moment.

  • Hot Deal - These days I have had terrible back pain

    These days I have had terrible back pain. I want something makes me easy. so I bought one of these kinds of item, but unfortunately, I wasn't satisfied with that product because the power holding each side to the other side of the item is too weak to keep it on my belly.

  • B. Morgan - OK, but DON'T believe the hype

    I'll start off by agreeing with a lot of people by saying that it defines the curls PERFECTLY, but it also causes ALLLOTT of shrinkage. When pressed out (straightened) my hair is past my shoulders and down my back. When i applied the Knot Today and Kinky Curly it shrunk ALL the way up to my Jaw Line!!

  • The Reader - Best cold medicine ever!!!

    I purchased this product in Germany recently. Both times I have tried it I started taking the medicine at the first signs of a cold: runny nose, sore throat. You take one capsule in the AM, one at lunch and one at dinner for no more than 7 days. Best to take for 30 minutes BEFORE eating. Both times I used it my symptoms stopped within 3 days and I stopped taking it. Its the best cold medicine I have ever used!!!!!