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  • Alan R. Ertle - Great until the Bubble Broke

    Well, I always thought that Good to Great was too good to be true. The author and his team picked several firms that exploded in the late 1980s compared with some selected 'matched' firms that did not do well and tried to identify a set of criteria that they could identify to attribute cause to the effect (success). The problem is that with such retrospective analysis (this would be called a case-control study in clinical research) you can only identify differences and can never attribute cause and effect. These types of studies are inherently poorly resistant to biases inserted by the authors. Typically, they have a preconcieved notion of what they are looking for and then go find it in a self-fulfilling prophesy. This book is no different. The data is from public and published information like SEC reports, other published info, and interviews. The data is pretty subjective.

  • J. Luke - No Luck!!!

    I have been giving my 11 week old these probiotics for 2 weeks now. I really wanted to like this product. I love the gripe water! Well her BM's are still irregular, every 2-3 days. And I sometimes still need to give her a suppository. I will continue to give it to her since it was cheap but I WILL NOT purchase this again.

  • David Marshall - Save your money.

    Save your money. When I purchased the luminess system, I idea it was a club that continues to charge your credit card. Totally disgusted.

  • btgem - so far no change

    i have not seen any change yet , will updated it if i see a change - very oily you need to wash out the next day ( if not going out leave in an extra day) I purchased in Nov 2015 but did not start until January