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Local Pharmacy, Drug Store North Charleston Goose Creek Hanahan - Herold's Pharmacy is North Charleston's Only Local Pharmacy. We accept all Insurance and offer Drug Compounding.

  • Compounding Pharmacy North Charleston Goose Creek Hanahan Summerville - Herold's Pharmacy North offers full pharmacy compounding services for North Charleston and area patients. Call us today to learn more: 843-628-3330.
  • Compound Drugs Covered by Tricare Medicare Insurance - Compounded Drugs and Medications are Covered by Tricare, Medicare, and Insurance at Herolds Pharmacy North.
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  • North Charleston Pet and Animal Medications | Cats Dogs and More - Herold's Pharmacy's North Charleston location offers the best prices for your pet's medications and prescriptions. Contact us for a quote today.
  • Pharmacy 29406 North Charleston Hanahan Goose Creek Summerville - Herold's Pharmacy is located on University Blvd in North Charleston SC. We are down the street from Trident Medical and Charleston Southern University.
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    YOU MUST READ THIS IF YOUR HAAN STOPPED WORKING!!! After 4-5 uses, my Haan steamer just stopped working. When I pushed the button, the light came on but no steam was generated (basically nothing was happening). I tried everything I could think of (cleaning the water filter, turning everything off and then back on, letting it sit for a while, etc...). I did spend quite a bit of time on the phone with Haan and after having some frustrating conversations about having to ship the unit back, I decided to try one more thing. I unscrewed all the screws in the handheld unit, and when I carefully took it apart, I noticed that one of the connections had come undone, so I simply plugged it back in, put the entire unit back together, and PRESTO it worked! The connection was pretty loose so in the future I may need to secure it with electrical tape, but it was that easy!

  • Suzanne Kim - Works Great!

    I have been using this for 6 weeks now, and while I know other reviewers have said it will not grow new hair, I can't help but notice a WHOLE bunch of new sprouts of hair exactly where I put this gel. I do use it twice a day, as directed, and when I first started using it, I noticed a slight burning and redness; however, I no longer get that anymore. I am convinced it works, and I will continue to use it. I also use the Nioxin SYSTEM 4 shampoo and conditioner (3 months now) and the Nioxin vitamins (2 months now). It definitely helps and I am getting lots of compliments on my hair recently. But be MUST USE THE PRODUCTS EVERYDAY or your hair will go back to the way it was. Hope this helps others in the same situation!

  • Willyblues - Unpaid review

    I bought this in February, still a little in bottle, wish I had, and just did, bought an 8 oz bottle. I have scars, pimples, etc. No dandruff still I'd rather use this then latest, hottest, newest, much overpriced Head & Shoulders or any other! I wasn't given anything, just the facts Ma'am!

  • Sandra L. Wilson - Not a Keeper

    At least in this first segment of A Shade of Vampire, it piques one's interest but the writing is somewhat sophomoric and slow. I wouldn't bother continuing with the rest of the series--unless they cost only $0.99.

  • Happy Owner - TranZformer

    2006 SRT-8 426 powered...Excellent product, really woke the car up as far as the cars reaction to what my foot wants. Kick downs are much quicker and I feel a lot more connected to the car.

  • sorcha - Huge plot flaws and other errors

    What happened here? There are glaring errors in this book that any decent copy editor or proofreader should have caught, not to mention the author on her final read-through. The biggest one has to do with Aurora's pregnancy news. Earlier in the book she calls her best friend Amina in Texas to tell her the good news (pages 22-23) and Amina cries, telling her "I saved all my baby clothes!" Later in the book (page 133), Amina has come home with her young daughter, separated from her husband and visiting Auroroa and Robin. Aurora tells Amina she's pregnant and Harris writes this scene as if this is the first time Amina has heard of the pregnancy! How do you miss something like that?? What kind of hiring standards does this publisher have? Smaller errors, such as referring to Aurora's boss's wife Marva as having a "flare" for crafts, are also cringe-worthy (page 27). A large plot flaw lies in the concluding pages, when it seems clear that the parents of the young man responsible for the crime will escape prosecution because no one can prove they knew about the kidnappings. But they spoke to the other parents about getting ranson calls for their "kidnapped" son, took money out of the bank, and made a fake ransom drop to make it look like their son was also kidnapped. How is that not proof of complicity? Why would they make up such an elaborate story, just to give their son money? I'm disappointed in Harris and her publishers.

  • Amazon Customer - Great replacement for ZNP bar

    I found this online by searching for the ZNP bar. It was a great bar that worked for me years ago, and I have yet to find a good replacement until now. The bar is oderless, lathers (most don't seem to), and I love that it has oatmeal in it. Great bar and the trial pack is worth the price.